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[PA] Starter Student - Akira Saitou by KnightLycoris [PA] Starter Student - Akira Saitou :iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 2 0 [PA] Bestiary - Arion - by KnightLycoris [PA] Bestiary - Arion - :iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 4 0 [PA Bestiary] -Barometz- by KnightLycoris [PA Bestiary] -Barometz- :iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 1 0 [PA Bestiary] -Chill Slime- by KnightLycoris [PA Bestiary] -Chill Slime- :iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 1 0 [PA] Stable Master Salome by KnightLycoris [PA] Stable Master Salome :iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 1 0 [PA] Mina's Midwinter Ballgown by KnightLycoris [PA] Mina's Midwinter Ballgown :iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 7 0 [PA] - Yule Exchange - Kirris' Gift to Antionette by KnightLycoris [PA] - Yule Exchange - Kirris' Gift to Antionette :iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 8 2 [ToA] Pane's Gift to Ramlah by KnightLycoris [ToA] Pane's Gift to Ramlah :iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 3 2 [PA] Mina's Gifts to Weiss by KnightLycoris [PA] Mina's Gifts to Weiss :iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 4 1 [ToA] Secret Santa - Pane's Gift to Xaylah! by KnightLycoris [ToA] Secret Santa - Pane's Gift to Xaylah! :iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 4 3
[PA] Sparring - Mina vs Baz - A False Start -
It’d been some time since the young noctryn had last come into the arena with the intention of actually sparring. The last time she was here, she lost the match and her composure which still bothered her. Mina prided herself on not acting like a spoiled brat and yet.. She had utterly failed in upholding this fact.
Standing at the sparring ring fence she batted a heavy clawed hand away from patting her on the head. “I fought in Clearhaven, you know!” She says with a pout to a smirking Kirris. “And besides, the barriers are protection enough!”
“Ah, well, yah know.” The half-dragon replied. “The last time yah were he-” The girl glared wickedly at him. “I told you not to talk about that anymore!” Mina demanded, turning away from him, folding her arms.  
After some moments of silence, Mina unsheathed her sword and walked into the ring. If she didn’t have an opponent she could at least practice he
:iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 3 0
[PA] Samhain Festival - Wolf and Witch vs Ghosts
    The half-dragon leaned sluggishly on the arena fence, staring longingly at all the flitting ghosts he *wasn’t allowed to fight* and sighed. His attention however, was drawn to the sound of footsteps approaching him and he spun around dramatically to greet his guests. “Yaaarrr there me hearties!” He grinned as he saw Adam, but arched a brow at the girl with him, the young witch, Kieran and his little pirate act dropped. “This sure is a funny place for a date, y’know.” He said with a smirk.
    The werewolf flinched at Kirris’ greeting, it being so much more energetic than how he seemed to welcome people to the arena usually. He felt his cheeks grow pink at the implication of it being a date, his ears folded downward and he glanced to Kieran. “I-It’s not like that.. I wanted to try the special arena and..” Shakily, the werewolf’s hand raised up and patted down fir
:iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 2 0
[PA] Samhain - Pot of Popping Plenty -
The masked man found his interests piqued when he heard mention of the school maids giving out large bags of popcorn. Back home, popcorn wasn't much of a snack for the nobility; it was found much more often among the poor and downtrodden, seeing as the corn needed for it was plentiful.
Still, he had had it once, long ago, and he had enjoyed it. So, maybe, the second time will be as good as he remembered it. And all he needed to do was walk up, get a bag, and get into the shadows to eat it alone. Sounded simple to him.
    Another night of the Samhain festival had come and tonight, Mina set out on her own. She chose to wear her normal attire instead of her mermaid costume tonight. She wondered to herself, for a moment if the maids had yet to get rid off all that popcorn or if the pot of plenty would just keep going and going.
    She made her way over to the area where the maids were dishing out the bags of popcorn. The sound of v
:iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 1 0
[PA] Samhain Festival -Pumpkin Carving-
    The mimic was disgruntled to say the least. He’s lost the game of potion pass he’d been having with that darn lizard girl and gotten soaked as a result. He had the hood of his costume pulled up over his head, not that this really disueded the tiny cloud, still raining overhead.
    He wondered as he wandered, what he could do to bring himself down from this irritation. “Pumpkin carving..” Oleander grumbled to himself as he came across the booth. Surely, stabbing some poor defenseless squashes would put him in a better mood, he thought as he began to eye up some of the untouched pumpkins. “Hm..”
     The star was sitting at the table, poking at the pumpkin in front of her, outlining a pair of eyes for her new creation when she noticed someone approach. She immediately perked up at the realization that it was a student, and she of course jumped up to say hello. "Hello!
:iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 1 0
[PA] Adventure Library - Fluffy Princesses! -
It had taken a fair amount of persuasion with their respective guardians - but it was more than worth it to Shidus. Now, she strolled the festival grounds with the two most adorable little girls she'd ever met in her whole life, and she was determined to show them some fun.
"I wasn't here for the last Samhain," she told Arrow and Marta. "How about you? Did you have a favorite booth? All of this is new to me!" She was hoping she'd be able to keep up with their energy. Marta, especially. "We can go wherever you like - though, if you don't have any plans, I did see a booth you might enjoy..."
She wasn't nervous about being with Shidus, as Maeva seemed to be really comfortable with the lady. She wasn't nervous to be with Marta, as they were friends- the closest to a friend of her size she's ever had in her life. She was, however, terrified of all the people around her. Everyone was dressed as such weird things. Marta and her had talked and explained to one anothe
:iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 2 0
[PA] - Fluffy Winter Coat Mina - by KnightLycoris [PA] - Fluffy Winter Coat Mina - :iconknightlycoris:KnightLycoris 10 0


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