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Send an email to (or Note me here) for a commission!

★ Order Form 

Order Type: (Full Painting or Sketch, Total # of Characters)
Character References/Description: Be descriptive! The more I know about your character, the better I can make the drawing. Image references heavily preferred over text, but feel free to write as much as you need as well.
Background: Backgrounds will be atmospheric or nonexistent unless specified. Backgrounds may have an additional charge, depending on complexity.
Total Payment: (For full paintings, this is negotiable)
PayPal Email: I can only accept PayPal commissions at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Every commission is different. Some are more complex and difficult, some are right up my alley and finish quickly and naturally. No matter what, I put my all into every work I do. Because of this, I prefer to negotiate pricing on a project-by-project basis. A baseline for a full painting of a single figure is around $150, more or less depending on the complexity of the commission. Additional figures, complicated outfits, elaborate environments, and alternate versions would all have an additional charge, depending on how much extra work they add. That said, if you're commissioning me, you're probably coming to me for a character-based art-- I am willing and able to produce more environmental or landscape works as well, the pricing being pretty much the same as a character-based scene.

Examples of full paintings:

+Commission+ Break by knighthead Reality Warper by knighthead Happy Halloween! by knighthead Ahri by knighthead Phiorra by knighthead

I can also do sketch commissions, which would be more rough and unfinished works. These are done in a single sitting, and tend to be less complex (generally more like a neutral pin-up than anything). Because of this, it's easier to set a solid price guide for sketch works.
The baseline for a character sketch is $30. Additional characters are $15 per.

Examples of sketches:

+Commission+ Jeanine by knighthead Nightmare and Iris by knighthead c u r r e n t m o o d by knighthead Melon by knighthead theWorld's END by knighthead

All payments will be made to the PayPal account of:

Please send me a note with your order form.

*Note: These pieces are for personal use only. For commercial commissions, please send me a note and we will discuss details.

*Note: These prices are for personal commissions only. For commercial work, please email me and we will discuss details.

★All prices are in USD.
★Payments are made through PayPal to
★Payments are made upfront, and commissions are worked on in the order received.
Please wait until I confirm I can begin working before sending payments.
★Turnaround time varies depending on many factors, and is usually 1-3 weeks.

COMMISSION STATUS! [OPEN]Commissions are open once again!
You may send me a Note here or email me at if you wish to commission me.

Here I'm going to put live commissions so both parties can keep track of what's going on where. I didn't expect to get enough traffic to commissions for this to be a relevant thing!
I'm now updating with vague titles and completion percentages for better book-keeping of the work. :star: refers to a commission from someone without a deviantART account, or an anonymous commission.
:star: - Painting, Character x2 [PAID] "Dragon" (80%)
:star: - Painting, Character x2 [PAID] "Cosmos" Private Work (45%)
Painting, Character x2 [PAID] "Raid" (50%)
Painting, Character x1 [PAID] "Poharan"
:iconTsubori: - Painting, Character x2 [Unpaid] "Battle"
Sketch [PAID] "Lili"
Painting, Character x1 [PAID] "Wolf"
:star: Painting, Character x2 [Unpaid] "Gryphon"
:star: Painting, Character x1 [Unpaid] "Shonen"
:star: Painting

© 2012 - 2021 knighthead
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Zandock's avatar
What's your queue like right now?
knighthead's avatar
I've got eight drawings in my immediate queue, so it's looking like a week or two of work. Just depends on how easily I can figure some of these out. Five of them are pretty straight-forward, at least!
Zandock's avatar
Ah, okay. Guess I should give you a break then ;)
knighthead's avatar
Well if you have something in mind, you can always let me know ahead of time! My queue isn't exactly full, but I'm spending a bit more time on drawings nowadays so it takes a bit longer to finish. I want to exceed what I've been doing these last couple years.
Zandock's avatar
Sent you a note.
Something's going oddly with my Notes, and I keep getting an error message, so I've been unable to reply to you about my commission. Should I wait it out, or is there another way I can contact you?
knighthead's avatar
Oh, my bad! You can also email me if you have trouble with all this. is my primary email.
Zandock's avatar
Did the bust price go up a bit?
knighthead's avatar
I increased the prices for future commissions because I realized how much time I put into drawings and how that ended up discouraging me from making them as good as I could. I need to make it worth it for myself as well.
Zandock's avatar
Makes sense. Hopefully I'll be able to commission you again sometime. :)
Entory's avatar
the pricezes are very okay, for that quality :D now i got something to save my money for.
Lacrirosa's avatar
These arent still open are they?C:
knighthead's avatar
They are! For the most part I'm holding off for the next two weeks in order to get my school work finished up, but overall they're open.
QuietOwl's avatar
Wow! I never realized that you put this up! This is awesome ^^ I wasn't sure you'd EVER actually do commissions XD
knighthead's avatar
I was really worried about this kind of post, 'cause I do a lot of freelance and if they see cheaper prices they'll really lower their original offer. ._.' So I had to figure a way not to get swindled, haha. 'Cause getting paid $100 for a drawing that ends up grossing $1000+ is not fun.
QuietOwl's avatar
No I imagine it wouldn't be. You're worried about someone selling the art you do for them? A lot of other artists on here will put creative licensing on their work so it can't be sold on them.
I think your prices are extremely fair! You're an extremely talented artist, especially since I see people on here charging half as much as you are for lower quality works.
knighthead's avatar
Well, no, when you do industry work, like say... an illustration for a book cover, and that book is to be sold, the cover illustration is actually the book's major marketing scheme. If you were paid $100 for a book cover illustration, and the book ended up being a best seller (and you were seeing any of the money from that on), it would just really suck. Like what happened with Superman. The person who came up with Superman sold his story and design to DC for like $130. And obviously the character made so much more than that.
In freelance, your work becomes owned by the person who paid you to create it, so it has to be worth the time and effort, and it has to represent all that illustration will end up doing for the commissioner. Having set prices makes it lop-sided, like, "Oh, this image would have been a $3000 piece, but since he only charges $60 for such a thing, that's all we need to do."
So... I made that clause about commercial work.
QuietOwl's avatar
Ah ok - I understand now. I was always under the assumption that the artist maintained the rights to the drawing and therefore anyone who commissioned them would have to be forth coming if it was for a cover of something. Though, I suppose some people would do so without telling anyone.
That makes sense, that would suck - it's like the lady I think who represents the movie company Columbia - I think, I forget which company - she actually never saw a dime for doing the pose. Since no one could tell the future it would be tough to price the cover of something in freelance work based on potential sell-ability if you will.
Calkubo's avatar
Do you have any examples of a greyscale sketch?
knighthead's avatar
I have some I never uploaded to dA. These were much rougher than what I would do for a greyscale sketch commission though(they were freebies or thumbnails):
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