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Happy Halloween!

I drew this for a member of the AnimeSketch subreddit for an art trade event. They're not going to be uploaded until after Halloween, but I thought I'd upload mine 'early' for timely convenience. o.o
The OC's name is Fuu, and I'll tag/link her creator after the event ends. I get the feeling there's an element of surprise to the whole thing, and I don't think they follow me here, haha.

Since I had creative freedom with the whole thing, I tried out a whole bunch of stuff that I didn't think would work. I actually feel pretty good about this drawing, it came out pretty much like I envisioned it... except the hat I suppose, the hat started to escape me in its construction but it didn't look terrible so I rolled with it.
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I think I see what you mean about the hat...but the rest came out great!
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The shape originally made sense, but I changed too much of her head shape/size in the end. But it's fiiiiine. It's a magic hat. Yup.
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I love the way you design her, very pretty and sexy XD
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a masterpiece!
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Really Cool Nice Work on this! keep doing a lot more stuff like this alright?
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Woah man! Rich I could do that
It's badass, awesome!
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Thanks! I'm sure you can, you just have to believe in yourself! And practice. Probably mostly practice but BELIEVE.
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Oh wow! She's so beautiful! I think you outdid yourself, as always.
I love how the fabric looks so silky~!
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Thank you! I always try to do better than my last drawing.
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You're welcome! ^^
That's a good goal to have!
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Quite beautiful :lovelyeyes: 
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What a gorgeous work!!
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Thank you! I'm working on your trade, too, by the way!
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Great, thank you very much!
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oh my those windows; and that fabric. Sooooooo cool!
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Thanks! I almost got overwhelmed with them but then I remembered it's my drawing and I can do what I want. And suddenly everything started to work. :3c
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Extremely charming :)
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Thank you! :D I wanted to experiment with drawing a poofy dress.
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An excellent job you have done :)
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