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Fabled Paladin

Raina comes from a far-off land to unite the strongest fighters on Gaea against the foretold end of the world. The plot is deeper than that, but she's pretty convinced she's on a noble quest. AND THEN HER WHOLE LIFE CHANGED when she meets the girl who ignores the rules of reality, and the world-hopping burnout who is reluctantly tethered to that girl's residence.

Raina is armed with the reforged soul of a golem named Presley[V1]. Presley[V1] can resist physical and magical damage on his own, up to a certain threshold, and also provides witty chatter to the traveling elf.

I put a high-res version of this drawing on my Patreon. Oh yeah, I have a Patreon. I've hesitated a lot on using it because I don't know how to do anything, but I'm going in on a trial and error basis. I'm learning the ins and outs of shipping and stuff. I'm going to try and put process and everything over there, which will be visible to everyone, with the $5 and up patrons getting the full-resolution images that I create. I'm only sharing SFW art over there, and perhaps I'll make a separate account at some point for my NSFW art, since that's much more popular than this kind of work (and the bigger Patreons seem to be focused on lewd art anyway). For now, though, if you wanna help support my struggles between commissions and encourage me to do more fanart and really focus on my comic, check it out!
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Great work, really professional. Good job.
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It really looks badass!!!!
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Nice effects !! <3
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That's awesome!!! I'm always excited to see your art about your comic!! I hope you get your comic started soon!!
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She is, a bit! :)
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I love the reflections on the armour!
knighthead's avatar
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Hehe, gotta say i love those "Magical Twin-tails" ( I dunno if i'm just seing things ) ^^

I also like the 'robotic' style of the armor, feel futuristic, with the lights and the complicated layers ( The neck makes me think of a rose ) I'm sure it's super sturdy. How can you take that down ? xD

If i'm not mistaken, it's the same character ? ->…
So may I ask, if the arm works through magic ( Like this golem/armor ) or it's fully fonctionnal through techonology ( Sci-Fi elf powa ) ?
+ is this why the magic sword is on the left, like metal arm can't do magic ? 
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It's something like that, I guess! The idea was inspired by a World of Warcraft helmet that had these wings coming out of the side. I had them in the previous design, too. It's like an exhaust of magical energy, and Raina has a lot to spare. She's a high elf, which is the Gaean race with the strongest affinity with Mana. Raina herself is one of the strongest high elves as well.

I let my "artist intuition" handle a lot of that. :meow: The earlier design was alright, but didn't feel as sturdy and was obviously going to get an upgrade. I wanted the point of her design to be that she looked like a freaking tank, and there really isn't much in that world that can make a dent on it. Of course, the other two characters she meets (Tori and Core) are both not of that world, aaaaand most of that is going to be resolved within the first year of me posting the pages. Hopefully that is this year.

Yup, same character! I redesigned her arm into something more organic after that drawing of course. It's sort of... both. Both the armor and the arm are forged from a golem, both by Raina's friend who happens to be a "deep elf" (darker-skinned elves who are more known for their incredible physical strength and technological knowledge). Raina's magical attunement brings them both to their upper limits, but both the armor and arm are rooted in technology.

And the sword business is something like that. With how I'm going to pace the story, it's not going to be explained for a couple years... ugh. So I'll just say that the "magical blade" is created from internal life force, and it has to be channeled from a living thing. Tori eventually gains the same power. It's supposed to be channeled from a living thing through a significant item, so in Raina's case it's her royal sword, and usually it would just create an outer edge that can "cut through anything." (Raina uses it to cut through time and space, allowing her to teleport, for example.) Raina's attunement is strong enough that she can channel it beyond just the edge of her sword, though, and it creates a somewhat unstable longer blade, allowing her to wield it as a long sword despite the channeled sword being broken. Tori is a little rule-breaker, though, and can later channel it without an heirloom. And of course, the golem arm wouldn't be able to channel the blade; however, it can still use magic, as golems are magical creatures, and the arm itself is enchanted.
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Woaw, well thanks for the detailed answer.

Wait wait, so if your protestic arm is a significant item and can use magic.... You can do some heavily cool channeling magic on your arm ?
Yeah it might not seem broken but from the point of view of a Full Metal Alchemist fan, it's totally worth it !

From this answer i feel ( and i already kinda knew it for Tori ) that the characters in your story are the god-tier/op characters, i mean if even a Tank can teleport and has a ton of magical supplies, how can she not be super strong !

But well, if you have cross-world stories, travel in time and space, and the end of the world ( Not much ), i guess you gotta be strong to survive the problems that arise.

I do read a ton of stories, and this kind of concept ( Multiples world + travel in time and such ) isn't often seen in mangas/web-work strangely, usually they're hardly free of doing so and i can count on my hands the number of stories that do so, it's much more used in westerns book/comics.
-> And since the way of drawing / description of characters match way more with manga/eastern work, but with a western plot, i'm really interested in what your story will give us !
Stay awesome & good luck with your work !
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Eeeeh... sorta not really. Raina would have to detach the arm and wield it with her flesh hand (I didn't explain that properly, it needs to be held by living flesh), but even then it would be wonky and unwieldy. The life blade takes hundreds of years to learn on a normal unbroken sword, and thus is limited to sage-level elves and deity-class characters.

A good chunk of the characters are situationally OP. Tori is a fallen (half) star, who commands her own gravitational force and reality influence (though she is unaware of that and believes herself to be a normal human). Core is a dimension-hopping demigod who gets stuck on Gaea after meeting Tori. Raina is a sage-level elven princess who by all means would be the strongest warrior on Gaea, if not for the extraterrestrial characters. Raina is sort of the benchmark for how powerful a Gaean can become in the story. There is a large cast of characters who range from power levels similar to our real world to DBZ and DC Comics level, and some characters are only strong because they possess powerful artifacts and would be "normal humans" otherwise.

There's a lot going on, but as I'm drawing it, I'm trying to condense it as much as I can. I had a whole bunch of side arcs planned out in order to flesh out characters, but I feel I need to keep the "filler" as low as I can. I might end up doing the side stories in a way that American comics do it, where they do short side stories set at different points in time in order to give different writers their own freedom. While Tori is the main character, she's stupidly OP so only seeing things from her POV would get monotonous. I plan to give many characters the "main character" role over the course of the story. That would also let certain people pick it up on a whim who wouldn't otherwise read a fantasy adventure about essentially girl Goku.
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Awh... Well a glove then ;-; ?

Aren't you dropping huge spoilers bombs here xD
Poor Raina, she used to be the strongest one but stars and even demigods come to steal her place, talk about tought luck !

I'm not sure that reaching the DBZ level of power is a good thing tho, it gives a lot of limitations, i mean being strong or op is one thing, but destroying a planet in one attack is different !

Anyway, the idea of having different PoV, even more with the huge universe you seem to have.
It will be tons of work tho !
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I don't think they're really spoilers or anything. I thought about it, and if those were the reveals, then it's like I'm keeping the interesting parts about the characters hidden. A year or so ago I nixed the idea of hiding Tori's power in favor of having other characters aware of it, and sort of dancing around the subject for the sake of the planet. If Tori was aware of her abilities, what with being a young teen, she'd probably cause a lot of damage! Everything I've written here thus far is covered in the first three chapters, which all happen simultaneously anyway. I have friends/rivals with some pretty complex characters and fighting systems, too-- keeping everything hidden honestly made my work seem like it was under-thought and two-dimensional.

No limits is the mantra of the series. :P DBZ has a very linear way of displaying power levels. DBZ fans refuse to admit it, but the power scaling in DC comics hella surpasses DBZ. Same with Marvel. The power/battle systems in my story are very different from those. Theoretically, Tori could erase the existence and the entire memory of a planet on a whim as well! Not that she would. Or knows that she can, for now. Planet destruction is pretty standard. Ever look into the Dark Phoenix in X-Men? She eats stars. Way more intense than blowing up a planet.
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Yah yah, keep it up ovo
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oh gosh no way! this looks too cool! nice work like always^^
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oh very welcome of course! keep doing what you've been doing okay? your doing great~
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