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Commission for :iconmesmericorb6969:, a character based on his friend.
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Omg i love it sooo much!!! I was wonfering you woulf be Ble to draw my OC!! I would really appreciate it but if you cant i can understand.
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oh this is nice.
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truly fab-taztic! L_L
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Ah yes this is absolutely fantastic! seriously! nicely done :D
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Looks like she's taking a breaak from a quest!
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Yup! Or training. Darn, I could have added that as a storytelling element. Maybe I'll keep that in mind for the next one!
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That is absolutely gorgeous. I love the background too!
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yes!!! ninja cat girl!!! thats made my day betterRatchet laughs lightly Icon 
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Very lovely :lovely: 
MesmericOrb6969's avatar
It's so Awesome! I love it so very Much! Thank you!
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The detail in the eyes is stunning. I also love the background, almost like I can reach out and touch it.
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Thank you~! I want to always try to make my backgrounds alive, if possible. It's really fun and cathartic to paint environments.
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My goodness, I'm pretty sure I pop on here and just about always tell you how cute the girls you draw are, so I doubt it needs to be said again (and yet I'm going to say it anyway haha, she's adorable) but that background man, that's really freaking gorgeous. 
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I clearly need to start uploading some non-cute-girl drawings then! I never seem to paint dudes in Photoshop, always leave them in my sketchbook. For shame.
Thanks! I told this to my roommate Alex (who I was sitting next to while drawing). My first compliment on my art, the one that made me think, "Yeah, I can do this." I was in Health class and I drew a rock. Probably a magical rock, something for a card game I'm sure. It was seventh grade? A girl looked over and said, "That's a really good rock." And that's the story. Rocks were my first thing I was good at. Everything else is gesture and getting lucky.
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XD I was thinking about commissioning you to do a Greyscale sketch of my manly-man and his lady, think you'd be up for it? ($30 USD, yes? Or did your prices change?)

Okay. I can't--re....sis...t....
-Is shot-
That's a really cool story and... I am resisting any more rock puns, in honesty that is really interesting and rather funny. I guess backgrounds with rocks always stand out to you, huh?
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Oh, yeah! That would be it I think. The prices SHOULD change, 'cause I'm really slow. But you know whatever. Yeah.

Oh I actually kinda have some dudes drawn on this thing I've been sorta working on here and there:
There's Core (spiky blonde dude), Lore (long blue-black haired kid), Phoenix (silver hair dude), Leon (kitty) and Tori's dad (black haired man guy). I wanna do some hardcore rendered drawings of them before they appear in my comic, mostly to have good reference and colors to pick from.
The drawing was like just a rock, haha. A freaking rock, I don't even think it was sitting on a ground or anything. Just a rock. IT WAS A BIG DEAL THOUGH. There was another girl in class who was way better at drawing than I was. She doesn't draw anymore though. Sad stuff, could've been so good.
Lycantheropa's avatar

Oh wow, I really love how you draw manly men - the silver hair man guy and the one with the thing around his eyes are particularly awesome. Your lion-man is pretty bad ass looking too! Geez! Why do you never post stuff like this?? And I hear you, I started on my (TEN MILLIONTH) story idea but I stopped because I keep adding characters and changing them. So I get why you'd want to stop and do that first. 

Well, it must have been some pretty damn amazing rock of all magicky-ness... if it gets credit for all of this! Haha you could almost do a strip, call it, "Bobby Knight, the Origin Story" xD Sorry, I'm sick so I'm blathering. 

I think a lot of people get caught up with life and just end up giving up stuff like drawing, writing and storytelling in general. It's sad when they stop. 
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Oh I am actually pretty positive you've seen the silver haired guy and the blindfold guy before. When we were kids. That's how old those characters are. They were in comics I drew in middle school, and in like every card game I made back then. This freaking idea is ooooooold.
Glad I made Leon an actual lion, though. I need more less-humanoid-looking characters around. I know a whole bunch will be background characters, especially in cities and such, but the main cast is mostly human-looking. Oh man I can't wait to paint him though. He has two large enchanted claymores, and wields one in each hand. He's the most skilled swordsman in my story and yeah-- very hyped to draw his scenes.

Pfft nah. Drawing origin stories... heh. The first thing I drew that I was proud of was a Kabuto. It was on a square thick cardboard, and I tried to draw it exactly like the Fossil card. It was the easiest freaking Pokemon but I was like, "Yeah, I'm good at drawing Pokemon." I've lied to myself ever since the beginning. SEE KIDS? LYING IS GOOD AND TALENT IS A LIE.

It's so sad. Because if everyone I knew growing up... if all of them who were ever better at drawing than me JUST KEPT GOING, oh man. The competition would be fierce. I'd be surrounded by pro artists that would make me shit my pants to be Facebook friends with. Nah not really that's an exaggeration BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
Damn... one of my friends/rivals/people I looked up to in high school is now a teacher, but I think English. Hasn't really drawn since. Her old work still looks good to me. My old work looks like... some other disgusting description that I will spare you.
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Actually now that you mention it, I DO remember the blindfolded guy. That's really awesome, I've dropped and added so many characters I think it's amazing you've held onto these guys for so long! Haha oh man, I remember the card game. 

He looks so freaking bad ass, I can't wait to see more of him! Okay, from what you say, Leon sounds like he might be my favorite character in your story (he doesn't turn evil and/or die, does he? I guess you can't tell me that xD spoilers and all). But he looks as awesome as he sounds. 

XDD Omg, I hear you. We all do that but, hey, you always had an eye for drawing, and that tenacity, the fact that you never gave up but you never forgot where you came from serves you well. You weren't lying so much XD You were a KID everything one creates as a child is nothing short of a MASTERPIECE. 

I DO. Haha I was THERE for your old work, Bobby, I remember you drawing, I still have that drawing you did for me of Mac and Fred. And really, considering you age, it was good. We all started somewhere, some just seem to start higher off than others. It's a shame that people stop, especially when they have that talent because as you say, you wonder what amazing work they would have produced.
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