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#006, Charizard, the Flame Pokémon. It spits fire that is hot enough to melt boulders. Known to cause forest fires unintentionally.

What's up haters? Today I bring you one of my favorite Pokémon! I'm having fun with this digital painting thing so I think I'll be doing it more. I want to build up a "fantasy painting" portfolio for this next year. Though my dream is to be a comic(manga) artist, fantasy paintings have always inspired me and to be part of Magic: The Gathering's lineup is just as big a dream for me now.

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I'd say that this Charizard looks incredibly cool, except you know, Fire-types aren't known for being "cool" .  So I'll just say "Awesome work!"
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Wow ! Just awesome ! *^*
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I <3 good pokemon/digimon art... especially charizard and flamedramon!
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Amazing artwork! :)
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It looks so awesome! I hate that everybody is now hating on charizard, they either are little kids who didn't get to see how cool charizard was in the show, or they are just hypocrites that used to love charizard and now they think they're cool cause they hate on charizard.
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Honestly, I thought Charizard only got more love recently.
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awesome Charizard!
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Charizard is my fave. Nice job :)
He looks amazing!
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Very Nice, I love charizard. Thank you!
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Very nice! I love Charizard! Thanks.
Ficou mto bom!
Good job!
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I would still pick charmander over the other two knowing he would end up looking this scary. Cause it looks awesome.
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Awesome, just awesome :meow:
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great work!!!!
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