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Cold Dead Eyes

stock eye is my eye photo by me,
skull from my vault.
texture from [link]
misc textures from my vault.

With 1 glance , deaths cold embrace , forever in darkness, forever in peace.


please do not display this image without my permission
Copyright © 2009 KnightmanProductions
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© 2009 - 2021 KnightFlyte96
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Hey man, I really love this photo, I found it in Google Images, and I really don't like stealing off others' artwork without permission. I'd like to use this for my cover of my book, which I already have, I would be glad to remove it if I'm not allowed to. I'd of course credit you with it. :) Thanks.
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Hello, Thank you for the heads up.. there are plenty of folks who would just take the image & use it.. I appreciate that you asked.. I don't mind you using it for the cover as long as clear credit is given,  to either my da page here & or  ... thank you.. & if you ever need art for a new project.. please consider me.. thanx again.
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Hey bro, i'm a musician from Chile, you can look me up in my youtube channel by the name deadporko. Well, my friend and i uhhmmm we're making this heavy metal album which will be our debut, in collaboration with some musicians from other countries like France and Canada. The name of the band is Social Arsonist, and we play thrash metal.
We're near the completion of the recording process, and then we were faced with of course, the artwork for the cover, and my friend who is designing it thougth this pic would fit perfectly, he made a scrap version, and it turned out pretty danm good, by the way all credits to you, love your art!! And we would mention you, giving the proper links to you, etc... You can look us up on face "social arsonist" we haven't updated the pic yet, we have some previous ideas... This will be featured in many places, the guy doing vocals on canada has his band, and he'll promote us through them, also the drummer from France will move the project there. We're all pretty serious about this, and we'll make publicity and print out merch and shit, and of course the cd. We'll send you some as soon as we're done.. So if anything, let me know, or just write to tell me what you think, or
i don't know if you like metal, but i can send you some tracks on the mean time so you can check em out tell us what you think... Sorry for the long message, kind of got carried away... Cheers!! Congratz again on the art!! Later!
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hey, that's np, please be sure to add credits to / Logan Knight, & links to
I don't mind you guys using the art for your cover, etc, as long a clear credit is given. :)
you can send me music links here just be sure to send them in a note ... you can add me on facebook, knightmanproductions, & send info there as well.
best of luck & thanx for enjoyinh myartwork.. if you ever need new art, just let me know, we can work something out im sure. be well.
I am an amateur author/novelist and am currently writing a novel that I will be turning into an eBook and I believe this picture would look great on the cover
as it would go really well with the theme of the story. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for the image if necessary. Please let me know as I am nearing completion
of the said book.

Thank you.
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hey, thank you for the interest in my artwork.. please send me a note with all the specifics, & ill get back to you asap ;)
thanx again
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Do you know about these guys editing and using your image? [link]
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hey, no i was not aware of this.. thank you for the info.. i posted a message to them to add credit & a link. or take the image down.. thanx again. :headbang:
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no problem! people need to have more respect! :)
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i agree, one of the guys from the band had contacted me before, but never told me if they used it or not.. it has been a while. so thanx again.. they have added credit now.. atleast , plus i posted on the image as well... it happens so much with art online.. such a shame.
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I agree completely.
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Featured here: 20 Truly Scary Photo Manipulation of Horror Eyes [link]
You can share, like, +1, tweet or StumbleUpon. Thanks :D
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Dude this is sick, would it be okay if I could use this image as the background for my tumblr page, btw my page is called Dead Eyes Productions.
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thank you, i don't mind you using the image as a bg for your page... please be certian to give credit & a link back to my site here or main website ... plus id like a link to the page, so i can see how it is being used..
thank you again..
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Worthy of DD!
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thank you, would be nice im sure:)
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thank you very much ;)
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Very nice amount of detail you put into it. good work
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thanx, glad you like the work:)
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