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  • Listening to: Daft Punk
Well I believe it's a new time to actually start again. 
This time a bit more seriously.
Is there really something to talk about when your bored? Um, no not really, so I'll just leave it at that.
  • Watching: Random Horror Flicks
  • Playing: Nintendo DS
  • Listening to: Classical
  • Reading: House of night novel
  • Watching: Chowder
  • Playing: Nintendo DS
  • Eating: Ceareal (no milk)
  • Drinking: Hibiscus Tea
Well I'm new to this so I guess I shoule try to get used to all this. I've been on the computer all day, and I think I have fourteen missed calls from my friend*. *Shrugs* Not much inspiration for today. Seriously this was actually pretty awesome for a sunday. I was able to get so much new music today. Yay.