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Summer Heat

Another one of Dez that I shot , I really like the natural light on this shot and her pose

fixed the colors a bit was to flat to me
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bornfreetolove's avatar
You really know what your doing. Great poses. Wonderful lighting and super hot models.
ArteDigitalSA's avatar
she's gorgeous!!her name?
spuderfly's avatar
sexiest thing i ever saw.
nejo233's avatar
luv this 1...simply mind blowing :)
Syrusv37's avatar
Classy and sensual shot. great work =)
MaverikKnight's avatar
REally incredible light in this shot! The way she is backlit and yet also very much in shadow, it seems as if she is telling the audience "I am the sexiest woman on earth and you have to find me."

Really great work! Keep it up!!!
KnightDigital's avatar
Thank you my friend
MaverikKnight's avatar
You're very welcome :)
Dancing-Pinky-Flower's avatar
Wow, her skin looks so clear! Gah-I'm always jelous of the fair skinned! Curse this olive complexion! But, anyway, a very pretty shot. I do like the light tweaking you did, I can't see it any other way. :)
KnightDigital's avatar
Area-44's avatar
This is too much to handle!
disok's avatar
Man she is hot in any light.
androidman's avatar
again, i think the outfit makes it too :)

the light is great too, where i am its just cloud..
KnightDigital's avatar
people just love the wicked suits
androidman's avatar
yeah, i like 'em :)
geno8r's avatar
this girl has square side boobage goin on, good shot though
KnightDigital's avatar
Thank for the comment on the shot. We all live with the world we make, but remember there is beauty in everyone's world its the job of the photographer to capture that beauty. (A quote my my old photographer professor). He believed that in ever singe person there was something amazing and beautiful about that person and it was our job to find that and bring it out.
geno8r's avatar
nice statement :)
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