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Christmas aboard the Constellation
U.S.S. Constellation NCC-1017-A
Spacestation K-7 orbit
Dec 24th 2380
Captains log Stardate 62119.3
'After successfully completing a First Contact Mission on the planet Nikota the Constellation is going to make a stop at Spacestation K-7 to spend the Christmas holiday. Truthfully I would much rather spend it on Earth but the crew needs the downtime and the space station is the closest as it will take another three days to get to Earth and while we would be in time for New Years Eve I dont plan to miss out on Christmas. Hopefully we arent going to the only ones here.'
"Standard orbit Mister Stryker. One quarter Impulse power Miss Spencer" Michael orders as both Stryker and Ensign Spencer comply. "Aye sir Standard orbit." Stryker answers. "One quarter impulse sir" Spencer answers and grins at Stryker as he winks at her.
"Captain sensors are picking up a vessel in our vicinity closing in fast" Azamilla Zula reports from the tactical station just above and behind Michael D`Jetta and Maia Ju
:iconknight3000:Knight3000 8 3
Happy Birthday Knight3000 Copy By Tnoire by Knight3000 Happy Birthday Knight3000 Copy By Tnoire :iconknight3000:Knight3000 13 10
Walking down the aisle-Conclusion
Pyramid Palace-conference room
Poseidon City
As everyone is being fitted with their dresses and tuxedos Em looks in the mirror at her newly fitted dress which was formerly her mothers as Olga walks up beside her along with Carol. "You look beautiful Kotehok you always have." The soviet Powerhouse says to her pleasantly Em turns to her long time friend "Thanks Olga you look gorgeous too in my grandmas dress." Olga blushes "Spaceba Kotehok but you look sad where you should be happy. By tomorrow you will be married to Matthias"
"Emmie are you alright?" Carol asks with concern. "I`m fine Carol and yes I am happy Olga but someone`s missing" Olga arches "Really? But I thought Maddie has gathered everyone you have chosen" Maia and Maddie walk up
"Is something wrong Emily Kendra? You look lost" the veteran heroine points out while The Ionic Wonder holds Olgas hand. "You look gorgeous hun" she says to her. Olga smiles "Spaceba Возлюблен
:iconknight3000:Knight3000 12 23
Mature content
Walking down the aisle part 3 :iconknight3000:Knight3000 8 5
Dawnstar Class by admiral-horton by Knight3000 Dawnstar Class by admiral-horton :iconknight3000:Knight3000 20 16
Ford and Heath-The Love story
USS Constellation NCC-1017-A
Deep Space 9 (prime)
Captain Michael Ford sat in his office chair listening to the same argument he had many times before.
"Just give me a month, and I can realign your plasma manifolds. Give you an extra seven percent more power."
"Draigon, I like my ship the way it is."
"Galaxies are a great class, but they are starting to fall behind the others."
"It's not the class, it's the crew that makes the difference."
"So your saying that you and your crew could take the Wyvern?"
"Galaxy vs Vesta? What kind of contest?"
"The usual, speed, targeting..."
"Draigon, you're a great engineer but a rotten Gambler."
"Then why do you owe me so much from our poker games?"
"You cheat."
"You suck at bluffing."
"Excuse me for interrupting this facinating conversation sir," D`Jetta Ford's Andorian first officer cuts in. "But I have a hail from Earth for you."
"We'll pick this up later, Draigon. Duty calls."
"See you next poker night. Wyvern out."
"D`Jetta, were you li
:iconknight3000:Knight3000 5 6
U.S.S. Hera NCC-59006 by TrekkieGal by Knight3000 U.S.S. Hera NCC-59006 by TrekkieGal :iconknight3000:Knight3000 16 8
Walking down the aisle Pt.2
Guardian Hall-Angel Falls
Federal Plaza
Just as Polygirl was transported to Atlantis Gordon Martin aka Raging Bull, Paulinas fiancé walks in "Hey did Paulina just transport somewhere? Where did she go?" He asks the copy. "You just missed her Gordon. I sent her to Atlantis because their Queen wanted to see her". Gordon swats his forehead.
"Dang it! Say can you send me there? It must be important if the Queen wanted to see her and I`d like to give her some moral support"
The copy grins "Sure why not! Step into my parlor Gordon!" she waves at him as he rolls his eyes and stands on the transporter pad. "Okay 3..2..1 Time to rock!" she says as Gordons eyes widen "Uhh wait! I`m not ready!" He says while he dematerializes.
2 minutes later- Pyramid Palace
Poseidon City Atlantis
Transporter room 1-
Gordon materializes just as Paulina steps off the pad. "Gordon? What are you doing here?" she asks her fiancé curiously. "Ugh I hate when they do that!" He thought then smiles at Paulina "I
:iconknight3000:Knight3000 13 14
Crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-F
The Odyssey Class U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-F is the seventh starship to bear the famous name and is also one of three ships of new Odyssey Class under command of a seasoned and most decorated junior flag officer. She is the first ship with the name Enterprise in 17 years not be under the command of Captain Jean Luc Picard.
Odyssey Class history
Initial planning for the Odyssey class began in 2379. Starfleet needed a new more powerful Explorer type starship as the Galaxy/Venture subclass is slowly being phased out but is still in service though with uprising of the Tholians and Breen it was necessary for Starfleet to go 'bigger' but of course couldnt come up with a design that would be suitable.
Planning and construction began in 2400 and with the phenominal success of the Sovereign class and the Enterprise-E Starfleet used the platform of the Sovereign design as a base model. The result is the Odyssey class launched in 2405.
The Odyssey class has the most sophisticated computer syste
:iconknight3000:Knight3000 3 0
PhyreFrosts New look by Knight3000 PhyreFrosts New look :iconknight3000:Knight3000 20 11
Crew of the U.S.S.Hera NCC-59006
The U.S.S.Hera NCC-59006 is a Prometheus class starship commanded by
a no nonsense Captain.
Prometheus class History
After the Dominion War Starfleet was reeling after losing many starships during the conflict. The aging Excelsior and Miranda classes needed to be replaced and many different classes were introduced. In 2378 a top secret class of starship was made from the Cestus Shipyards. The Prometheus Class at the time, was so hush hush by Starfleet that only a handful of personnel were qualified to operate it in its initial test run.  
Romulans ambushed it killed the Federation personnel and then tried to take it back to Romulan space. Through the efforts of the U.S.S. Voyagers EMH Doctor and the Prometheus` EMH 2, they were able to subdue the Romulans and helped Starfleet get the ship back. Voyagers Doctor was also able to inform Starfleet of Voyagers condition.
Like the Akira class 10 years ago, the Prometheus class is designed solely for combat as Starfleet needed a ship tha
:iconknight3000:Knight3000 5 3
The making of Cool Rule
Some time ago in North Angel Falls
- 'Nyhshea Eternal', Dropship of Matthias Geist
Emily Kendra D`Khan Geist watches the computer screen intently as she uses the Neo-Atlantean dropship's computer to look up the making of a katana on YouTube. The dropship's A.I. Navatu floats silently over next to her, and speaks.
/You seem to be really getting into that vid, Lady Emily Kendra. Is there something I can help you with?/ Em's eyes widen as she turns and jumps at Navatu's words.
“Ahh! Jesus, Navatu! Why the hell do ya do that?!” She shouts in her full Brooklyn accent, which the A.I. now recognizes.
/Forgive me if I am disturbing you, Lady Emily. You usually aren`t aboard the Nyhshea Eternal at this time of day./ Navatu explains.
“Sorry for being jumpy, Navatu. Yeah, I`m looking up how ta' make a katana.” Noticing Navatu's holographic eyebrow arch up, Emily smiles and continues on. “See, I met a girl named Alice the other day during that fiasco at the park
:iconknight3000:Knight3000 10 4
Walking down the aisle
"Hello. I am Madelyne 'Maddie' Malone also known as PhyreFrost. I`ve seen and fought in many battles with dimensional villains, alien invasions, Demon Lords even an Atlanean Civil War but in my fifty years of being a heroine, I never see anything more nerve wracking than planning for a wedding. But this is no ordinary wedding though, this is the wedding of my protégé Emily Kendra D`Khan aka. Ms.Blitzen and Matthias Geist which is looong overdue.
WHY did it take so long for them to go down the aisle you ask? Well in most part, its because of Emily Kendras procrastinating really. She is a powerful Demi-Goddess, the daughter of the Immortal Ven D`Khan the Avenging Son, capable of generating electricity and powerful lightning. Yet for all her power, planning something simple like a wedding is something that can make even HER get the willys!"
Pyramid Palace - Poseidon City, Atlantis
2 days after Ms. Blitzens Bachlorette Party
"I cant believe the nerve of Harry the Pumpkin Bimbo bu
:iconknight3000:Knight3000 11 16
Dallas Dialogues
Ships Log: Supplemental
"After T`Kendra agreed to take command of the Dallas, The crew is now preparing for my Relief of Command ceremony. Afterwards, Commander Varshavski, Lieutenant Abraham and myself will depart for the Enterprise."
Quarters of Commodore Jane Spencer
Deck 9 Section 1
Ship time 10:00AM.
Jane taps on the ship-wide intercom. "All hands this is the Commodore speaking. All personnel not on duty are to attend the relief of command ceremony that`s going to take place on the main Hangar deck at 11:00 AM. All senior staff will report in Dress uniforms. That will be all." She closes the intercom just as her door chimes.
"Come in" she calls out as she stands then neatly places the last of her clothes into a duffle bag. On a chair she has her White Dress uniform jacket and her normal Grey and black service jacket on another.
Commander Victor Varshavski the former ships Counsellor smiles at her when he enters. "I`ve come to inform you Commodore that I just spoke with Tohatchi an
:iconknight3000:Knight3000 5 1
Crew of the U.S.S. Binary NCC-72454
The U.S.S. Binary NCC-72454 is a Nova class Science/Scout vessel under the command of a very eccentric underestimated and unorthodox Captain in all of Starfleet.
Nova Class History
In 2368 Starfleet was recouping after a year previously, a Borg Cube from system J-25 in the Delta Quadrant invaded the Alpha Quadrant and destroyed 39 starships at Wolf 359 after assimilating Captain Jean Lu Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D and heading to Earth in Sector 001.
4 starship classes were introduced. Three of which were designed to combat the Borg but the last one, the Nova class, was to replace the aging Oberth science vessel. Planning for the Nova class began in the early 2360s as Starfleet came up with many designs but couldn't find one suitable until Yoyodyne Industries the ones responsible for the design of the Galaxy and Nebula classes stepped in and had a design for the Nova class finalized.
The Novas hull design even though it was small in size, became the precursor for larger ships like
:iconknight3000:Knight3000 3 0
Birthday Guardians by distractthemonster by Knight3000 Birthday Guardians by distractthemonster :iconknight3000:Knight3000 13 5


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