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Hello there! :wave: 

How are you all? I've been kinda quiet here about a month or so again.... Pardon me for that! To show you that I'm not completely dead and actually visit here and get some art done, I decided to show you a dog drawing I did for my SIM game dog. :bademoticon: Go check it out!

Finnish Spitz by KnifeInToaster

I was working night shift the whole summer, so I kinda missed all the pretty summery views, flowers, and all that.. (But I had great time listening my old CDs during the drive to work and back home.. So much nostalgy!) And when I had a chance to go take pictures, I was usually too tired or it was too cloudy outside. :| And now we're living this boring time between beutiful summerdays and beutiful autumndays, so I don't really feel like taking pictures haha. And I'm having some troubles with drawing as well, like, I really like doing the lineart and sketches and that kind of things, but oh man I hate colouring so much...! So I guess I'm having some kind of artblock, hmm..

I also wanted to say that I'm trying to get the hang on tumblr.. Again.. Tbh I don't really get the point of that site. animesweat revision So if you want to see mee reblogging nice/interesting/etc things, you can find my tumblr here  :bademoticon: 

That's all for now I guess. Have a great day! :fallwave: 

PS: Have you ever tried postrcossing? So much fun! :emailsend: revision 
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Je by KnifeInToaster

I decided to fulfill some wishes people have left for dAWishingWell . So here's an art feature. Enjoy! :dummy:

I'm Fabulous! by CameronKobe

Commission- MTG token- Saproling by Lilith-the-5th What Lingers In The Dark by Maricu-Mana

A Peaceful World by BloomingRoseXeniia

Evolving at moonshine by KiwiBeagle Flowery Dove by Karatefinch

Day 3 -  Slumber to Eternity by SumireSuzuki Barry the Penguin Reference by FezzedPenguin 

Monthlyjournal by KnifeInToaster
Check out all this awesome art I faved during the month of December!

Afternoon Fog v2 by m-eralp  

   BJP Eben (female pug puppy) by ZsofiaGyuker   

BalrogThe Battle of the Peak by BenWootten

Poppy by slightlymadart   Despair by Bonniemarie   

Beren's Promise by jflasher   van Gogh Never Saw The Land of Shadow by sagittariusgallery

And Happy New Year, everyone! :heart:

Monthlyjournal by KnifeInToaster
Check out all this awesome art I faved during the month of November! 

Path to the marsh by pin100

Plague doctor by AndreySkull The Spookiest Tree by MHahto

At Aragorn's tomb by BohemianWeasel

-Where fairies live- by Janek-Sedlar

owl buddies by da-bu-di-bu-da

Orion de Assis by CC-PhotoArt

Go...! by toniart57 

Daily Paint #1083. Tomato Soup by Cryptid-Creations

Monthlyjournal by KnifeInToaster
Check out all this awesome art I faved during the month of October! 


Death Cometh by TheFoxAndTheRaven

Art Challenge day 8- Virgo by BohemianWeasel  Wishes by Allentia

Smaug by tomashijo  Kili, pencil sketch by evankart  The white tree by Ssarawolf

The road goes ever on by Tatzelwyrm  Lifetree by black-3G-raven

Weapon of choice by Trujin
Monthlyjournal by KnifeInToaster
Check out all this awesome art I faved during the month of September! 

Super Blood Moon by 3mmI

swords to rust hearts to dust by yadou     

Lamp Tree by yashima

ID #061 Bernar by Templado  Burning House by Kaydeniro

Perfomance of the Heaven by RHADS

Melkor by JuanTole  The Lonely Mountain by Miruna-Lavinia
Ecthelion fighting Gothmog by VargasNi
Je by KnifeInToaster

Hello everyone!

(Sorry for the amazing journal name, naming things is always so easy and everything haha :XD:)

Soo I kinda came back from England much earlier that I had planned. I had good time, but it's better this way. :) I didn't have time to take too much photos, but I submitted one of the horse photos I took.

Oopsy Daisy by KnifeInToaster
I went to see two riding competitions, and this one is from one of them.

I've been back at home about two weeks now. I had to help with threshing because my dad is away, so that's one reason why I've been little inactive here again. Another one is that I'm just lazy. :stare:
    I'm still having some kind of art block with traditional art - I've made few sketches that need lineart and colouring, but I've been super lazy and haven't have inspiration to finish them. I have some vision for the riding drawing, tho, since it's gonna be one of my sim-game horses. There's Finnhorse mare in the conformation picture, but I'm not sure about her colour yet. Plus that sketch need more attention anyway, since it's still quite unfinished.

Untitled by KnifeInToaster Untitled by KnifeInToaster
The sketches I'm talking about. Yes, they're always this ugly before I do the lines and colouring haha :lol:

    And since I have a new computer I can't do any digital drawings, because there's no disk drive in this new one (damn you, technical "progress" and people downloading everything from the internet CURSE YOU!). Therefore I can't install the needed driver for my tablet.. I'm gonna get usb disk drive as soon as I can, hopefully after Christmas at the latest. But before that, I can't do any digital works. 

And on the other news.. I try to expand my skills to baking and handicrafts! I've been doing lots of baking after I got back from England and I hope I'll do something pretty enough that I can submit photos of the baked goods in here. With handicrafts I mean mostly sewing, knitting, and other things like that. I hope I can reuse my old clothes and recycle some other things, like wrapping papers. I'm still learning and doing some planning, but I hope I can show some of my creations here soon! :)

That's all for now. Great day to everyone! Dance! 
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Monthlyjournal by KnifeInToaster

Decided to bring this monthly art feature journal back.. :lol:  So, please check out all this awesome art I faved during the month of August! 

A Leaf Falls by meiyue Coronation of a Moon Prince by phoenixleo

 Steamboat and Little Airplane by Hunternif  

Renaissance in Tea by AriaFawn Raging Rainbow by Nikki-vdp

Haku by AlviaAlcedo Far away by FlashW

Floral Luck by Aadavy 

Dusky Forest by Quippin Tree of magic by Paivatar

Painting- Landscape IV. by Ennete Winter in Cracow by your-confusion 

Wind Rose by RayEtherna Angewomon Digimon by magion02 

Seduction of Sauron-Mairon by BohemianWeasel 


Hello everyone!

How are you people? I've been quite inactive here lately, eh? Sweating a little... And that's the main topic of today's journal. 

One reason for that is that I haven't had good drawing inspiration for ages. Another reason is that I'm quite unhappy with my current account, and that's the main reason I have barely even logged at all. I've been thinkin this latter problem through. Main reason why I'm not too happy with my current account and it state is that my interest have been changed from when I found my way here in early 2012. Same goes with me as a person - I'm adult now (pfffft, yeah sure), I have some new interests and order of importance in things.. For example. Shortly, I've changed a lot. 
    And this leads to a problem with my old works I've submitted here. And everything in my account, really. I'd like to have fresh start, delete all my old works, journals, etc. But on the other hand, I really, really don't wanna do that, because they show how I've gotten better at drawing. I've thought about making a new account and make a fresh start that way. But I don't really wanna do that, either. So this is a really difficult situation, and I really don't know what to do.
    And with the lack of drawing inspiration.. I still like to draw, but I don't know what to draw, plus I can't concentrate in a one drawing for too long time. I've also started to take interest in taking photographs. This leads to new problems, because I'd like to sort my submitted works clearly in three folders: photos, traditional art and digital art. But since I have so much different works and so much fan art, that leads to new difficulties. Plus I don't have nice watermark to put on my photos, 'cause I haven't yet made a watermark good enough for my liking.
    So yeah. I'm a difficult person, I know, haha :lol: But I'll try to solve this problem somehow, so I can get back in business in the way I used to. :)

Another minor topic today is that I'm leaving to England for few months and I'm not sure, how much drawing stuff I can take with me. I'm quite sure there will be at least some photographs, though. But there's so much things I need (read: want or mistakely think I need) to take with me, but so, so little space... :XD:

That's all for today. Lots of love to all those people that are still watching me, and see you next time. Have a great day! :wave::heart:  
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21st Feb: Sorry for the little delay on drawing lots to determine the winner.. Anyway, the winning number was 1, and it belongs to GoreBeeCormick Congrats! :la: I'll note you soon. Thanks for everyone who participated - you'll get a llama, if I haven't given you one already. :)
Hello everyone! It's art raffle timeeeee! OMG! I can't contain my excitement! 

Last couple of days have been super awesome*, so I thought I'd spread the happiness and joy, and host another art raffle. 

* I was in Gerard Way's concert when he was in Helsinki and got his band's drummer's drumstick (Omg I gets present :faint:) and the whole day was best thing ever because it was the first time I saw him - though I didn't have a chance to meet him. And today I went to visit my old college and saw all the lovely horses there :heart:



:bademoticon: Winner will get traditional drawing of their choice
    Style samples:
Gypsy Vanner by KnifeInToaster  Skull by KnifeInToaster  Behind blue eyes by KnifeInToaster 
:bademoticon: Raffle will end 20th February 2015 
:bademoticon: Everyone who participates is given a number*
:bademoticon: Winner will be chosen with
:bademoticon: To enter this raffle, you must fave :+fav: this journal
:bademoticon: You don't need to be my watcher to participate, but it's highly appreciated

* The number next to your name in the fave list will be your entry number


Good luck to everyone! :dummy:
♥ T

Hello everyone! :wave: How are you doing?  

Long time no see, eh? I'm so sorry I've been so inactive here lately! I've been super busy the last few months (mainly thanks to my studies), but I thought I should stop by and say hi. So, hi! Hi! And Merry Christmas! Santa Clause 

Joulu14 by KnifeInToaster

I have so many things I should do during my Christmas holiday: e.g. I need to read three books, and write an essay. But I try to submit here some drawings I did few months back. I haven't had too much drawing inspiration lately, but I try to draw something new, too. :)

I hope you all will have a great time, have some nice presents, and get to eat lots of yummy Christmas food! :hug: Santa La 


I almost forgot! We're going to London with my class on next April, so if you have some nice suggestions where a bunch of (history)nerds should go and visit, please tell! Suggestions of good comic shops etc. are also welcome :D
Monthlyjournal by KnifeInToaster

Forgot this, again... So much things to do, so little time! But better late than never :D
So, here's some awesome art I faved during the month of September.

Timeless by Bonniemarie   Stairway by Lilith-the-5th

Crie Staline by Anixys

Vampire Toaster by AmaranthusSanctus   Silmarillion_Mandos cavern by Daswhox 

equus brigachus by RaMiBru

hesitant alien by monkos   

Have a nice day!

♥ T

Monthly journal, Aug 2014

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 6:43 AM
Check out this awesome art I faved during the month of August!

are you alive here by ateist-kleranty   <da:thumb id="455351848"/>

Nebula Momm by Vikarus

When the world belongs to me. by PascalCampion   Air Dragon by rawwad

The Gift by imaginism

Gerard Way..Bright..Red.. by LUCKYDEMONGIRL    Gerard Way by Biavion

Have a nice day!

♥ T

Art raffle III - winner!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 3:49 AM
31.08. // Winner announced! Congrats to Elisapi! :dance: I'll note you ASAP.

Raffle3 by KnifeInToaster

26.08.  // Just a reminder, that you still have few days to participate!

So, I got my 100th (and 101st!) watcher yesterday! That means it's time for an another art raffle. Yay!

This time there will most likely to be only one winner, but if it seems that I'm not too busy and there's many participants, I might do one extra-drawing, too. c: We'll see!

  • Raffle will end Aug 31st, 2014.
  • Winner will be chosen using

How to participate?

  • Fave +fav this journal.
  • (Comment on this journal).
  • You must be my watcher!
By faving this journal you'll get a number - the number next to your name on the fave list will be your number. By commenting this journal you'll get a bonus entry, and therefore better chance to win! You'll get your bonus entry number just before the raffle.

Bonus entry numbers:
Elisapi - 4
GoreBeeCormick - 5
EquineKilljoy - 6

What can I win?
  • 1 digital drawing of your choice.
  • (Coloring) style samples:
  What the...?! by KnifeInToaster  Cross country riding by KnifeInToaster  Monster by KnifeInToaster

Good luck everyone, and have fun!


Je by KnifeInToaster
Hi everyone, how are you? :wave: 

Okay so, yesterday I moved to my new school's dormitory. There's super little space compared to another dormitories I've lived before - we don't even have a living room here, for example. Only 2 bedrooms, toilet, little kitchen, and little storage room. I don't even know where I can do laundry! :crying: My roommate is even more shy than I am, and I've spoken to the two another girls only once.. I don't even know the another one's name. :| We just sit in our rooms (I have conquered the kitchen, though, because the food is closer there :XD:), so it's kinda awkwarrrrd..

We had first 'school' day today. Basically, we introduced ourselves to rest of our classmates. They seem nice enough, but oh my god I feel so stupid around them. :shifty: Everyone's seem to know so much more about history than me, and they're smarter.. So if someday I stop logging in to deviantart, it's because I've died from embarrassment. But all the school's staff is really nice and I guess I've actually made some kind of friend from my class, so I got that going for me, which is nice. But when the studying actually starts, I have no idea what to expect from it.

But yeah why I was writing this journal; because I can't be lazy shit 24/7 anymore, I'll be more inactive here. I'm still going to log in every day and answer all the possible comments etc. There's also few drawings I need to do and I'll arrange time for those (though at least the other one won't most likely to be submitted in my gallery), but otherwise I suppose there won't be new art in a while. 

tl;dr - New school, stupid me, more studying, less free time > possible inactiveness

Hope you all are having a awesome day!

♥ T
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Monthlyjournal by KnifeInToaster
Here's some awesome art I faved during the month of July!

raven by AlexanderGorodinski    First Snow by Jessica500 

   Dressage horse by BlackReason

Noaptea toate matele's negre by BargaoanMS   Tomato Gerard by Gryffiner   R.I.P. Nina by IJKelly

Springtime Owls by tracyblank

<da:bigthumb id="452035922"/>

Also big thanks for MiyaneChan, who kindly donated me some points. :hug:

Lilith in Wonderland by Taikaturska   Spider Queen by Taikaturska

<da:bigthumb id="452035922"/>

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ARKs Kindness Quilt Contest! (5 DAYS LEFT!)deviantHEART is pleased to announce that we will be holding our 2nd Annual Kindness Quilt Contest!
:star: What is a Kindness Quilt?
Kindness Quilts are photo collages that are made up of custom Quilt Squares. They are positive and often tell a story of some kind. The templates come in two sizes, 3x3 and 4x4.
Here is a sample quilt for reference

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Actually for two contests in one! One competition will be a Comic and Story contest. The second competition will be an Art and Literature contest.
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 The main subject/character must be feral or anthro (animal, beast-type fantasy creature, beast-type alien, werewolves, ...).
 Humans and humanoids are only accepted as secondary/background characters.
 You can submit any number of deviation your like, in either or both of the competitions, but y


Have a nice day/evening/morning/whatever!
♥ T
Je by KnifeInToaster

...or morning. Or day. Or something. :XD: Anyways, hi everyone, how are you? Hi! I haven't written personal journal entry in a while, so I thought now is a good time.

It seems that my au pair plan is totally failing. What annoys me the most, is that I wasted my whole freaking summer because of this. I didn't look any (summer) job or anything (though I can blame only myself for that), 'cause I was quite certain that I'll be in my way to England in June, or July at the latest. But nooo. :stare: I still have a chance, though, but I really doubt that I have luck with this.

But, there's also good news. I'm going back to school for a year on August! La la la la (Oh dormitory life, I've missed you.. not!) I'll be studying history, probably some archaeology and museology as well. I'm so excited! OMG! I can't contain my excitement! I don't know what I'll do after that, but if I enjoy studying history, I might try to apply in university to study humanities. Who knows!

I was also wondering, can any of you recommend some good meditation music? I found some nice Tibetan and Celtic music from youtube, but I'd like to hear if you have some other recommendations. :dummy: Or if you know any other good ways to relieve stress and anxiety, please tell. Aww 

Have a nice day/evening/morning/whatever!

♥ T

PS: It seems that we are 4 watchers away from next art giveaway..! :plotting:
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Monthlyjournal by KnifeInToaster
I was supposed to post this yesterday, but I forgot.. :facepalm: 
But anyway, here's some awesome art I faved during the month of June!

   Sweet Affliction by signed-silence

Cheeto Cheetahs by AnnPars   dreams by DavidSequeira

Thank you for Frank Iero by dragon-flies

way version of lotms cover (finished) by macabrelamb

killjoy gerard icon by isaeway   Draculoid icon by isaeway


Have a knife day!

♥ T
Monthlyjournal by KnifeInToaster

Some awesome art I faved during the month of May!

The Other World Pt. II by AnthonyPresley   I Don't Hurt Anymore by AnthonyPresley

And So by MechanicalLazarus   <da:thumb id="450316351"/>   

Tongue by CRG-Free   True and Loyal Friendship by Lady-Compassion

Breaking The Mold by stevegoad   Golden Acrylic Gate Bridge by boldfrontiers

    Boats By The River by Goodnight-Melbourne   The Fall by astarayel

   Na Na Na by WretchedIAN      Poison Party by BrianAtkins

Also, please check out this group.


"Show must go on"

I graduated two days ago, on Friday 25th. It was awful and I cried so much, and I'm still not processed the fact that it's over. :| Now I'm jobless little hermit, 'cause I can't search any jobs because the Au pair thing. :stare:

Good thing on this month that happened was that I got my first tattoo, yay! :la: Here's pic of it, taken 4 hours after I got it. (That awkward moment when your skin is same color as the floor..) I wanted something what would remind me of MCR but wouldn't be too obvious, so that's why I settled on this idea. Tattooing felt actually quite nice, and I'm started to design new tattoos for myself... :plotting: *wants tattoo sleeve*

Aand just informing you that starting on next month, my monthly journals will only be art features.

:+devwatch: New watchers:  Taikaturska
 & bunnynoizu! :hug:
<da:thumb id="413351801"/> I've started to do commissions, check out my page or note me!

Art summary of April

Hey there by KnifeInToaster  Aria by KnifeInToaster  Valma by KnifeInToaster   LynZ by KnifeInToaster

Top favourites of April

Go check out this awesome art! Now!

   Patron Saint of Switchblade Fights by freelancedoe  Desolation Row by Maru-Light   aNd we wILL keep it ruNNing... by prince-kai

  Syn Gates (Avenged Sevenfold ) by Florochka97

  <da:thumb id="447166655"/>   Cosmique crop circles ( in progress ) by Amytea

  Dark Horse by Gamibrii   Finnhorse by Jammiska  The Joust by kimsol


Have a knife day!

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