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Easy Cosplay - Game of Thrones Tutorial


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Orange flower


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Kaksin aina kaunihimpi.

Traditional art

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Thought and Memory

Digital art

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First Quest


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In The Garden


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Saving People Hunting Things

Misc fan art

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LOTR Hobbit

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ode to brendon urie

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MCR -- black parade

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Frank Iero - Fun Ghoul (Drawing)

MCR -- killjoys

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Gerard Way

MCR -- other

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MTR - Now to be a vampire or Gee meets Edd pg.2


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Valentines from Blind

BL ind

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Jack Frost


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Tattoos, tattoo designs etc

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mane and tail tutorial

Tutorials, hints and tips, etc.

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Holiday Card Project Stamp

Resources, stamps etc

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Fandoms Are Weird

Yes the Dan and Phil journal skin returns! ... Let's be honest we all knew it'd be back pretty quickly. So, it seems like I spend quite a lot of my time lately thinking about fandoms and how interesting the entire dynamics of a fandom is. I've made a few journals now about my personal 'fan experiences', but I want to touch on fandoms as a whole... And the things I've noticed. I warn you this might turn into a rant at some point. Okay, so as someone who has been pretty much purely part of the MCR fandom (which includes it's subsections of what is now the Gerard fandom and the Frank fandom, I'm sure soon to be joined by the Electric Century


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Through The Water By Knifeintoaster

For me

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt - Second Round Info

I hope you're having a wonderful day! First round of the Halloween Scavenger Hunt is closed now, and it's time for the Second Round! Additional rules for this round:  I will be sending the same questions individually in notes to those who reached the same amount of points and competing for top places only. (may be belated due to emergency health issues)  You will have 48 hours from the moment I send the note to answer to these questions and send the answers back. Short text answers are fine. Timeout or not answering at all is equal to zero points for the Second Round. No exceptions.  I plan the winners announcement to be somewhere between


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Tranmission 1: Do You Miss Me?

  In homes, on mobile devices, and on large screens on buildings. On worn out sets that run on any power they can, the same messages run over and over again, as they always do between news bulletins and advertisements. But then there is a flicker.   And they all go dark. *static*   *static* Unfamiliar music is heard, before it shuts off. And the logo for Better Living dominates the screen. Another flicker. *static* *static* *Loud blast of music* “CALL ME Z-” Shut off again. *static* *static* The logo flickers off and on again, being pulled away, then tugging back. As if it is warring with something. Bright white.   T

Fan fiction

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Weapon of choice


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More Legs Than Anything Else


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Solar System Dream Catcher #2

Crafts etc

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