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(Don't really like this drawing.. mehh)

Point Right Quest - "Introducing the Kings" (level 1)
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You gather up some remedies for the mare hoping this will help her, she saw you wanted to help and complied, of course with a small hiss from the stinging water on the wound, she said "I feel better thank you so much sir.". Sadly she still couldn't get up. She might stand on her own in a couple of days for now she is still grounded. You:

 1. Keep her company and learn more about her.
2. Leave her, you've done enough.
3. Scout around for danger.

book After her encounter with the elk bull, Jena limped back to the mare and Bard. The bull had attacked again and this time managed to do some damage by hitting her hindlegs with his antlers. After that the elk luckily got bored and trotted back to his herd, leaving Jena alone. Jena was left with few scratches on her right buttock and left hock.
When the mare saw Jena approaching them she tried to get up again, but failed. Bard wasn't on view, but showed up from the bushes soon enough. Jena walked to the mare and cleaned her wounds. The mare thanked her and tried to get up, but failed again, no matter how hard she tried. Since Jena was little wounded as well, she decided that she and Bard would stay with the mare for few days. Maybe she would now also finally get some information out of the mare, like who she was, and what happened to her.

Lead Horse : Jena
Activity : quest
Featuring : animal companion (1 R), NPC mare (1 R)
Current Kingdom : The Kingdom of Beorg

Word-count : 161 words (2 R)
Art Quality : full body (10 R), detailed shading (7 R), drawn background (10 R)

GIMP2 and Wacom Bamboo pen. No references used. Reference for the mare's pose.

Warning - Smiley Eyes All rights reserved. 
Do not use, reupload, publish etc. in any way without my written permission!
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Still lying down, the mare huffs. She feels better now yet her wounds still look fresh, she tells you that she was attacked by a cougar. She was in a small band, targeted by the big cat she galloped away in panic and got separated. The girl looks down and says she missed her band. What do you do?

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario 1. Say you'll look for the band they have to be close.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario 2. Comfort her, as they might be far away.
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario 3. Tell her to forget about them, they didn't even come after her to help. 
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Horse encounter

While almost asleep, you are suddenly awoken by a tiny, cute voice saying: "Uh.. hello. Hello, my mom abandoned me, can I stay with you?" It's a 1-year-old filly!
You obviously say:
- "Yes, ofcourse dear!" (counts as claiming 100/1000
"No, look for a different one." 

Gender : mare
Age : 1-year old
Color : cream with dark areas over the back, overo-like belly and sides
Geno : EE/AA/ZZ/nSty/RbRb/TbTb/nCh/nSb/nW/CrCr/nG

- Vitiligo
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RNG Drop

While resting with the mare, your dog finds something interesting, and brings it back to you. Congrats, you got the following:
- 60 silfren