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(My drawing tablet thought that it would be time to slow down with these - so I had to do some traditional art instead haha)

Point Right Quest - "Introducing the Kings" (level 1)
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After that whole gallop to the kings, you decide it's time to wrap up the day. You start going your own way, the Kings went to fight off the bachelors while you rest. Just before you nodded off, you hear a noise, a cry in pain. You come closer and notice it's a wounded mare! she's lying on her side, not able to move. She's bleeding. What do you do?

 1. She's wounded badly, she won't make it. You finish her off ending her pain.
 2. You ask the mare what happened? 
 3.  You try to help her.

book After the kings left to chase off the bachelors, Jena headed off to the woods to find some sheltered place to sleep for few hours. The sky had started to darken as the sun was starting to set. It had been a busy day and Jena was tired. The wild dog ("I should come up with a name for him," Jena thought) followed her as she walked deeper in the small forest. When Jena finally found a good place for a sleep, she had also came up with a name for the dog - Bard was the name she gave to him. The dog - Bard - would keep watch, so she laid down on the ground.
But just before Jena fell asleep, she heard a pained cry little further away. Jena stood up and walked cautiously to the direction of the noice. Bard trotted next to her, sniffing the air and whining a little. Soon enough, they saw a mare on the ground. She was lying on her side, unable to to get up. There were some bleeding cuts on her nose and left hindleg. Jena and Bard walked next to the mare, who was desperately trying to get up. "What happened?" Jena asked from the mare.

(Full body (10 R), detailed shading (7 R), drawn background (10 R), 205 words (2x 2 R), including animal companion (1 R), including NPC mare (1 R); total 33  R)

Black marker (lines) and colored pencils on copying paper. Reference used for the mare's posture.

Warning - Smiley Eyes All rights reserved. Do not use, reupload, publish etc. in any way without my written permission!
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RNG Encounter

You wonder around the area and year a call, it's an elk with a herd. The bull seems to be angry you came to his territory and lowered his head down to attack you! What do you do? 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Try to Dodge the Elk and escape!
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Fight the elk!