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Jena | Lead Mare | HotS

(Not too happy how this turned out.. I had some troubles drawing the kings, got frustrated, and then fucked up the coloring as well. Oh well Shrug )

Point Right Quest - "Introducing the Kings" (level 1)
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As you gallop threw the wilderness of your territory you finally come across two strong figures guarding a massive herd. Those two are the kings! What do you do?

1. You run over to them and inform them about the bachelors in the territory, then need to be chased away!
 2. You watch them shyly and wait till one of them comes up to you, bit of an awkward cookie are we?

book The sky cleared from the thunderclouds and the sun started shining little before Jena arrived in a small valley. Jena trotted the last few steps out of a forest that circled the valley and then stopped. She saw two big horses - they must be the kings! - standing on the small hill, watching over the small valley and all the horses there eating first green grass of the spring. Jena was unsure what to do; the kings were quite massive compared to her and she could feel herself blushing. Besides, how do you even speak to the kings? How you should act? Can you just go there uninvited? So many questions popped into her head. Finally she just decided to stand where she was and make some small noise, that the kings would notice her.

(Full body (10 R), detailed shading (7 R), drawn background (10 R), 134 words (2 R), 2x including the king (2x 5 R); total 39 R)

GIMP2 and Wacom Bamboo pen. No references used.

Warning - Smiley Eyes All rights reserved. Do not use, reupload, publish etc. in any way without my written permission!
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One of the kings finally notices you and asks if you are lost! You tell them about the bachelors, and the tired out messenger. The king nods and thanks you, giving you also a small reward for the information. The trots off to gather up guards to chase off the unwanted guests. Later on one of the you are asked if you would like to join in and take part in the chasing away of the bachelors. You: 

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario1. You join them and go chase the stallions!
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario2. You say you did the deed and that's enough. 
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario3. You refuse and go. 

One of the kings brings a Wild Dog. Saying that it can be helpful on your journey, the dog is loyal and will always help you when it's needed!

the Wild dog provides when it's with you : 5% less attack encounters.