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Point Right Quest - "Introducing the Kings" (level 1)
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The filly seemed to be very scared of something, whispering something that you can't really pick up, she seemed to be scared of other horses? Maybe something happened to her? Still you came closer to investigate and the filly ran away scared. Leaving you with the score of 675.
You :

 1. Follow her and try again, maybe she will talk this time?
 2. Leave her be. 

The stallion smiles at you and tell you that some bachelors came here from another kingdom. There are all strong stallions and the messenger cannot chase them away by himself. He tells you where you can find the kings, what do you do next?

1. You Start galloping, there is no time for goofing around!
2.You stay there a little longer to make sure the stallion is ok.
3.You think about that whole thing and decide to go after the bachelors yourself!

book The filly wasn't too chatty and seemed to be little jumpy, but Jena tried to approach her little more anyway. She ran away, though, so Jena let her be. The kings weren't too far away, so maybe she could find the filly after she had delivered the message? The stallion seemed already little better and less exhausted than when they first met, so Jena decided to start her journey to the kings.

(Sketch (2 R), full body (10 R), drawn background (10 R), 2 color background (1 R); total 23 R)
GIMP2 and Wacom Bamboo pen. No references used.

Warning - Smiley Eyes All rights reserved. Do not use, reupload, publish etc. in any way without my written permission!
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You haven't found anything interesting on your journey. 
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As you gallop threw the wilderness of your territory you finally come across two strong figures guarding a massive herd. Those two are the kings! What do you do?

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario 1. You run over to them and inform them about the bachelors in the territory, then need to be chased away!
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario 2. You watch them shyly and wait till one of them comes up to you, bit of an awkward cookie are we?