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Point Right Basics

Name: Jena
Age: 3 years
Breed: Finnhorse
Gender: mare
height: 153cm
Kingdom: The Kingdom of Beorg
Level: 1 "Commoner"
Fertility: 95%

Point Right Appearance

Color: flaxen chestnut roan splash
Genotype: ee/aa/ff/RnRn/nSpl
Eye color: right eye dark brown, left eye light blue
Accessories: -
Other Jena has some scars over her right croup and left thigh.

Point Right Ohter info

Health: 85%

Bullet; Green Goodherted/kind - Jena wants everyone to be happy. She always tries to be nice and kind to others, and tries to avoid conflicts.
Bullet; Orange Little naive/too trusting - Sometimes Jena can be little naive. She's sometimes little too trusting and believes everything that is said to her. 
Bullet; Orange Little suspicious/overthinker - Even though Jena might sometimes be little too trusting, sometimes she can also be little suspicious of other's intentions and overthing things.
Bullet; Orange Shy - Jena is little shy and she can be socially awkward, when she meets someone for the first time. After getting to know the other, Jena becames more open and relaxed.

Jena lived in a small herd with her mother, father, and few other horses. She always felt loved and happy. Little before Jena turned three her mother, already little weakened by old age and other minor problems, couldn't make it through the exceptionally cold winter. Few weeks later their small herd got even smaller, after couple yearlings got killed as well. Couple months later what was left of their herd was ambushed by Vikings. Jena saw that some members of her herd got caught. Some, like Jena, had a chance to run away. Unfortunately the few that had a chance to run away got separated, and Jena is yet to find them. 

Point Right Pedigree

------------------------------------------ SSS: STARTER  
----------------- SS: STARTER  
------------------------------------------ SSD: STARTER
------------------------------------------ SDS: STARTER
----------------- SD: STARTER
------------------------------------------ SDD: STARTER
------------------------------------------ DSS: STARTER
----------------- DS: STARTER
------------------------------------------ DSD: STARTER
------------------------------------------ DSS: STARTER  
----------------- DD: STARTER
------------------------------------------ DDD: STARTER

Point Right Skills

Endurance: 4
Covertness: 3
Strength: 2 (+3) = 5
Speed: 5 (-3) (+1) = 3
Cunning: 1

Point Right Herd 

Mares: 0
Stallions: 0
Foals: 0

Companion: Bard the wild dog

GIMP2 and Wacom Bamboo pen. No references used.
Bg: FeatherCandy

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