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Point Right Quest - "Introducing the Kings" (level 1) - RNG encounter
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Following the black stalion, you noticed a small friendly filly. She was a lot more small that a filly of her age. She follow the black stalion from far, and when you noticed her, she hide behind a tree. The black stallion don't noticed her at all... What do you do? 

 1. Join the filly, friendly, and try to know what she wants. (Count as claiming 100/1000 )
2. Chasse her! She have nothing to do here!

Gender : Filly
Age : 1 year
Color : Vanished roan Seal bay Tobiano, Rabicano and splash 
Geno : EE/AtA/nTo/nLp/RbRb/nRn/nSpl

book  While talking to the black stallion, Jena noticed a foal peeking behind a tree. It must have followed the stallion, who was unaware of the small creature following him. Before deciding what to do with the information the stallion gave her, she walked little closer to the foal and greeted her.

(Partial body (3 R), detailed shading (7 R), drawn background (10 R), featuring unclaimed NPC horse (1 R); total 21 R)
GIMP2 and Wacom Bamboo pen. No references used.

Warning - Smiley Eyes All rights reserved. Do not use, reupload, publish etc. in any way without my written permission!
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Claim attempt

The filly seemed to be very scared of something, whispering something that you can't really pick up, she seemed to be scared of other horses? Maybe something happened to her? Still you came closer to investigate and the filly ran away scared. Leaving you with the score of 675.
You :

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario 1. Follow her and try again, maybe she will talk this time?
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario 2. Leave her be. 

You can try again claiming the filly, the chance will be bumped to 200/1000