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Finnish Spitz by KnifeInToaster Finnish Spitz by KnifeInToaster
I don't usually post conformation drawings of animals here on deviantart anymore 'cause I usually need to use more references to draw them and therefore I don't feel like I've left enough "my own handprint" on them. And don't even start with the most crappiest bacgrounds ever, omg.. But I tried to draw dogs first time since forever and this one turned out to look pretty nice and I felt really proud of it, so I wanted to make exception and submit this one here for you to see. :) 

It's Finnish Spitz. And it looks so nice! Yeah her body is too long and same goes with her muzzle, but as I said, I just really like how this turned out. :lol: In a way, dogs are much easier to draw than horses. But they're so much difficult to color, especially the longhaired ones... :eyeroll: But so yeah, I also wanted to prove that I can actually draw something else than horses. :XD: Haha

Reference for pose.Done with GIMP2 and Wacom Bamboo pen. About 2 hours?

Warning - Smiley Eyes All rights reserved. Do not use, reupload, publish etc. in any way without my written permission!
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September 4, 2016
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