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Rainbow Dash wallpaper

Speedpaint will be up sometime.. if the actual recording went well XP.
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Guess you could say "She feels the need...the need for speed!"
thunder-zap's avatar
If this was 20% less BA, I'd sue you (no pressure:D (Big Grin) )
Rosedge's avatar
dude this is some truly amazing work it looks great! i also love how you do the eyes they look soo good! also what program do you use for this?
spidermaster14's avatar
This Dash is sufficiently badass. Well done.
mariofan48's avatar
Rainbow, you look so badass.
BaimberSyhex's avatar
You're a very artist!
Cue the Top Gun Anthem
PhiliChez's avatar
I think the badassitude is a little higher than +20% right now.
vinyldarkscratch's avatar
Set as my wallpaper long before I came to your page :)
MrCharlesFWF's avatar
this is just... perfect
Psalmie's avatar
Amazing as usual you crazy pony.
JohanAleksanderLia's avatar
This was reallt neat. It would be awesome to see a finished version of that Flutterbat sketch too :3
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Mykillnaabster's avatar
very nice do you take requests
mistypine01's avatar
Excellent art, KnifeH. Dashie being badass.
IridiumGloom's avatar
Yuukon's avatar
Oooh! Nice man! X3
NakedCoyote's avatar
great work! would you mind if i feature this in :iconsketch-ponies: ?
smartguest's avatar
Highway to the Danger Zone! :D Great Job!
TokusatsuKuuga-RX's avatar
Now this would make for a good movie.
MegaManstitch87's avatar
MrsRemi's avatar
soo pretty x33
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