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Night Glider

The only character that I liked from S5 so far :3

Not sure what she's pissed off at. Probably the snow..

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I loved her too <3
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Awesome. Love the details on Night Glider an the background.
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Second non-main fav Pegasus :)
CaprisArt's avatar
New 2nd favorite pone ^-^
PendingStorm's avatar
When I look at this I just imagine her saying "I'm so angry!"   XD

Great job, looks awesome!
Silverweed91's avatar
Coolest character of the premiere, hands down
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SeriousJupiter's avatar
I like all four of the new side characters. Night Glider has the coolest design, though.
cajobif's avatar
"When I'll have my hoof on that mare, I'll put her stick up her-"

She got very popular so far. Yeah, I like her color theme.

Wonderful work
SuperBlueYoshi's avatar
Night Glider has a really cool design. 
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So that's her name.
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Looks pretty cool!!! :omfg: :omfg: :omfg:
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Excellent art, KnifeN. Ready for battle.
Makenshi179's avatar
I love this pony so much! She and the other 3 who helped were amazing <3 And she was especially awesome when she slammed the door, loved that part. A rival for Rainbow Dash!!
ColossalDick's avatar
Stunningl job, Nife. You did this so quickly XD.
*Gives blueberries* 
Songbreeze741's avatar
I still think Crescent Descent is a better name >3>
KnifeH's avatar
Doesn't sound as catchy though.
Night Glider sounds like a super hero name~
Songbreeze741's avatar
Glider the Wonderbolt
Descent the Shadowbolt

One of Nightmare Moon's Bolts is actually named Descent though...
Poison-Trail's avatar
What a cutiebutt! :D
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