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A Trixie New Year

Phew.. This was a lot of fun to make X3.
I know, it's not midnight yet.. but let's pretend it is!

Some stock background used from random Google sites.

Uploading this now cause I'll probably forget it otherwise~


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We need an updated version of this now that Trixie has her own official rocket:…
ZombieFX's avatar
She kinda looks a bit tired... 
and sitting on a rocket...
ugh.... Trixie... are u ok?
 me gusta thx
zapplebow's avatar
Woooooow.  Wow.
MadaraXIII's avatar
And this is why Trixie is the best.
Amazing Picture 
Paulicus1's avatar
Sexy Trix, there!
DeJiKo07's avatar
Trixie looks absolutely stunning :)
MrsRemi's avatar
Mizumi-No-Okami's avatar
holy crap trixie, you look so sexy
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Bringing in the New Year with a bang. Trixie Style!
Excellent art, KnifeH.
Songbreeze741's avatar
Starting off with a bang

Made this same joke on your FemNife New Year pic a few years ago XD
KnifeH's avatar
*cough* I try and keep up the tradition~
Songbreeze741's avatar
Needs more Nife and Dino
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This is awesome. Love it!
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Thanks <3
Boom goes the Trixie~
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*Looks at clock*
. . . .
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Well, it's 6:49 AM over here...
Taltharius's avatar
It's not even the 31st yet on the Pacific Coast, :XD:
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Greetings, person from the past!
Taltharius's avatar
Not even from the past. You're in Sweden, and I'm in west coast British Columbia.

Time zones, man.
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Do not twist my Viking theories!
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