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March 17, 2006
Yellowchromatic - Wallpapers by *kngzero - This is a fantastic vector wallpaper ZIP pack containing several sizes and a work-in-progress folder showing you how the image was created. An essential look into how this fabulous piece was constructed. Top marks for a great image, a brilliant pack and an interesting look into the creation of the image. This is exactly what wallpaper packs should be!
Featured by zilla774
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Yellowchromatic - Wallpapers

Yes, yes, yellow. Because you asked for it.
There's also a bonus step by step process picture folder to show you what I did as I did this.
BTW: 10 hours.
© 2006 - 2021 kngzero
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steameffekt's avatar
Nice work! Love em! [link]
smonti's avatar
nicely done! +faved
ashierae's avatar
looks like a cross between mandy moore and lindsay lohan..
maryana01's avatar
is this mandy moore?
sirtat's avatar
great vector, has a ton of life to it :)
Great, great & great!

I love her face and the color, she's looks like a Blasian (black/asian).

Just Perfect!
Bloomy021's avatar
It's really wonderful
bunaioding's avatar
saith's avatar
Got a widescreen version? (1680x1050)
olushia-loosiczka's avatar
Wow... How you do that? Awesome! Favs
cityfan974's avatar
Amazing wallpaper !!
I'm looking for a VS matching this wallpaper, anyone got an idea ?
Stich83's avatar
It's Great! Wonderful. ;)
DaIlar00s's avatar
luv this so beautiful!
Savage-Style's avatar
AMAZING!! PRETY GIRL, GOOD STYLE!!!!!! Thanx 4 this work!
roike's avatar
thanks, great one pal
rossknox's avatar
Wow, I love this, I especially like the floral patterns and the hair. Very cool.
TheUsedAFItHrOnE's avatar
wow, the hours made a difference, no? awesome.

i admire- i wish i could do this!
expansiondesign's avatar
really nice stock and colours... but i dunno some of hte shades on her skin seem unnatural.. maybe need to be colours closer the the solid skin colour. nice detials tho :D
Moitessier's avatar
Wondeful great present you did!
highmystica's avatar
wow, that's incredible -> great job! +fav!
Pixelatorz's avatar
Wonderfull work, i realy love it, the patern and the hair looks awesome, i wonder how you did the hair :eyepopping:
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