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Princess Hoodies


Featuring Peach, Rosalina, and SSBU!Zelda

“Hey, let’s draw Peach in a hoodie” ended up turning into a slightly bigger project.

I’ve drawn each of these girls before, but this is the first time that any and all of them actually came out good.

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oh my goshhh :0
this is what i do, browse the internet at 4:30am, but i found this and had to sit and admire it for a few minutes, it's so cuteee :3
Harleydane's avatar
Cute! I would steal and wear Rosalina's hoodie!
BobALinx's avatar
I love Zelda's braids!
MasterPerryMartin's avatar
Rosalina in a super baggy hoodie is very much life. She's so pretty!
cutelovelygirl's avatar
they looking so adorable
Im-Keyla-the-master's avatar
Oh God, I love all of them! Specially Rosie, she looks so cool!~ la in love 
Jonerico's avatar
But where is bowserette
4YourNfo's avatar
KnebulaNight's avatar
Honestly, I considered Daisy, but I couldn't think of any ideas for her; and after Zelda, I felt like I had already spent a long time on this piece.

... and I really don't like Daisy.
4YourNfo's avatar
Pft- Alright, then.
dancinninjac's avatar
They're all so cute!
LillyEddy88's avatar
Hoodie buddies!! :)
FeatherQuilt88's avatar
Even though I know a lot more about the Mario games than the Zelda games, your Zelda is my favorite of these three girls you've drawn here, I think--I love her expression and hairstyle! :)
ninpeachlover's avatar
this is pretty good
salyssong's avatar
When you try to be cute and gasngsta at the same time.
gummygrub's avatar
I am weak for giant oversized hoodies and Rosalina's looks so good! They're all absolutely adorable but Peach might have to be my favorite :D
Vraptor140's avatar
Cuties in hoodies, cool. 
SpaceshipLewis's avatar
Hoodies are the best! They look cute!
Ajv293's avatar
They look cute!
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