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So I'm thinking of taking some of my images and transforming it into a wallpaper.
These wallpapers WILL NOT have the watermark on them ;P

The wallpapers will be for:
- Desktop (1280x800, 1366x768, 1440x900, 1920x1080, 1920x1200, and 2560x1440)
- iPhone (Retina & Non-Retina)
- iPad
- Custom sizes by request by note or comment.

Here's the dilemma. Which images should I take and transform it into a wallpaper?

Here are the pictures from my 'PHOTOGRAPHY' folder. Choose anyone you want. ;) (Preferably the ones taken with my DSLR if you want quality images :)) But honestly though, it's fine if you pick a pic taken with my Blackberry. I can easily remove all the noise :)

Pics taken with my DSLR~
:thumb272917352: :thumb272627332: :thumb272468744: :thumb272303808: :thumb271848771: :thumb271848387: :thumb271659740: :thumb271659576: :thumb271659395: :thumb271659222: :thumb271658937: :thumb271658700: :thumb271489566:

Pics taken with my Blackberry~
Gateway To Heaven by kndllalx 360 Degrees by kndllalx Raindrops On The Highway by kndllalx Rainy, Rainy Day by kndllalx Sunlight. Light Version by kndllalx Sunlight. by kndllalx Music Is My Life by kndllalx My iPod's Lockscreen by kndllalx Hot Chocolate by kndllalx Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows by kndllalx

Yep. That's it. Pick out your favorite image and leave the title or the thumbnail in the comments to vote for which image you want transformed into a wallpaper for the iPhone, iPad, and desktop of course.

Let me know in the comments if you want the wallpaper you voted for in any custom resolutions :)

I'll do ALL wallpapers requested :D
Alright. Most of you would've known by now that all the pictures I've been taking before I got my DSLR a week ago was with my Blackberry Bold 9700. Yes. A phone camera. It was a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus.

BUT. SAY HELLO TO MY DSLR... A Canon EOS 600D with an EF S18-55mm IS II kit lens.

I've just started getting the hang of using a DSLR since it's slightly different from using a totally unprofessional phone camera. I would really appreciate it if you guys could check out some of the pictures I've taken with my DSLR ;D

My first pic I took with my DSLR that I'm pretty proud of ;)


Alright. Technically my brother took this one, but hey. I was the one who arranged the objects.

Laugh if you feel like it :P



This one is much like the first one, just with the water droplets on a wooden board.

A week after I got my DSLR (just yesterday), I brought my camera out with me for the first time. My friends and I were going bowling (it was the first time for me in my life. I got a strike. Suck on that ;P) and a friend suggested that I bring. So I did. Yay flowers.


Alright. That's basically it for the highlights of what I've taken in the past 8 days since I got my camera. Ain't that bad, eh? ;)

Love ya guys! (if anyone even reads this)
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Writing Services

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 19, 2011, 4:07 AM
BUYER SUGGESTS RATES. We can discuss it from there ;)

So ummm...
Exams are over, and I have nothing to do 'till next year, so I thought I'd try and earn some money before next year.
I'm free all the way till the last week of 2011.

Specialize in / Preference: (but not limited to)
- Fiction
- Action, Drama, Comedy
- First person perspective

=An example of my work:=
I sat on the edge of my bed, the chill of the night getting to me. I sat there, freezing, like how I would every night. I tried warming myself up by blowing the warm air from my lungs onto my hands. I did this countless of times every night, but many more times tonight than any other night. I was tired, but my eyes would not shut and let me sleep. I was nervous for the next day, that one day of the year that everyone hated. It was the day that officers in Keylon Prison would randomly choose the next 10 contestants for the hit internet live series in the country of Keylon, "The Prisoners".
/Read more >>>…

Send me a note if you're interested ;)

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