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Scaredy Cat

By knatroka
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better title, anyone?

Model: [link]
Photo/Edit: ~ToxicTenshi

technical detail: Lit with two household lightbulbs instead of flashes.
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Just talking about "sluts" in videos is "piece of shit". So this is? In someones opinion pictures like this are destroying the women image! I think this guys would call her a "slut".
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Well, "someone's" opinion doesn't count, because a women posing nude out of her own volition is what most of us would call "empowered". Joke's on you.
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Please don't confirm your current behavior towards this picture, because of a Youtuber. Acting unfriendly will not provide better consulutions.
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Great shot. I actually quite like the background.
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I'm glad to hear that, thank you.
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wow quite lovely
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how about "Shades of Neon Crucifixion" ?
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Mal wieder so was von Awesome: die perfekte Inszenierung weiblicher Schönheit :love:
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LOVE! :heart: Die Farben sind der Knüller, ebenso wie die Beleuchtung!
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Vielen Dank! Ikea-Glühbirnen ftw!
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Oooh, thanks!
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Einfach klasse, aber das weißt du ja schon *A*
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Bokeeeeeeeeeeh Liebeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
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Arw wie schön ♥ Ich kann nicht aufhören auf Hals und Lippen zu sehen.
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