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Sorry about the low res & nasty watermark, copycats are ruining all the fun!

*Abessinier as Dave Strider (MS Paint Adventures).


I was looking forward to this shoot so damn much, unfortunately it didn't work out as expected but I'm still happy with the results considering what we had to work with! Stay tuned for some sweet Caledscratch action.

Aby is the best Dave ever and I just can't.

I'm planning on shooting all kids/trolls on their respective planets eventually... Still looking for a few characters, so hit me up if you're interested! (Germany)

More Homestuck:

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Nicely done 👌
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You can make a better watermark and no matter where do you put it, it won't spoil the photograph. Awesome work, by the way.
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I'm gonna leave it this way, thank you.
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I cant get over ho ow stunning this is. Like wow
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Woah. This is stunning! Great job!
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Wow being a girl and all I can't help but say that I'm very attracted to the female dressed as the one only Dave Strider. I think I'm a lesbian now.


Absolutely stunning photo, and probably one of the best D.Strider cosplay I've seen!

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haha, no shame in being attracted to anyone ever! thank you for the lovely feedback. i agree that she's probably the most convincing one yet! 
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i thought this was like animated or whatever from far away but then when i clicked on it i was like "omg its real"! this is so awesome
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Oh my fuck.
I freakin love it! :D
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Oh. Oh, fuck yeah, man. This is fucking awesome, I can't even describe. Just, sweeeet.
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(there is no words to describe this epicness!)
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I wish my Dave cosplay was this awesome X3
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I thought this was a doll!!!!
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Is this....a drawing?
Photoshop creation?
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Das Bild finde ich ich beeindruckend. Mir gefallen die große Schärfe und Lichtstimmung dabei am besten. Soweit ich das beurteilen kann, hast du dich weiter gesteigert. :)
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Dankeschön. Eigentlich ist es ein Einzelbild aus einer Animation, aber an der arbeite ich noch (eine Weile). x_x
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Wow, eine Animation! Das wird sicher toll. Deine Ideen sind - nach wie vor - klasse.
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Dankesehr, ich geb mir Mühe, an ordentlicheren Konzepten zu arbeiten. :)
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Deine Konzepte waren schon immer ordentlich. Aber Ehrgeiz (in Maßen) ist nie von Nachteil. :)
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