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Miss Fortune1

By KNami
Dunno why, I can't see this picture I upload last day on my profile!
So I'm reuploading it x°D

Me as Miss Fortune from League of Legends :heart:
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LDira's avatar
lovely cosplay :3
QuakeLoL's avatar
He do you mind me sharing your pic on a Facebook page?
KNami's avatar
Hi, there's no problem :D
I only ask you to put some credits to my FB page (you can find it on my signature below)!
Thank you for asking me the permission!
QuakeLoL's avatar
Yea I always make sure to give credit to the artists. Here it is -…
KNami's avatar
Thank you dear! I'll share your page as soon as I'll get back to home (((:
NinDKSketch's avatar
This is probably one of the best Miss Fortunes I have seen. Astounding work! 
KNami's avatar
Thank you ç___________________________ç
You're really kind!!!
NinDKSketch's avatar
I really do believe that your MF is some professional cosplay :3
It's too bad most people don't play her in the current meta tho :'(
KNami's avatar
I agree with you :S
I sometimes play her, but sheìs actually hard to play in early game!
There are a lot of new adcarrys, like Jinx and Lucian, that make her life impossible!
But if you know how to play her, she's still a war machine :P
I'm waiting for her "rework"! :D
NinDKSketch's avatar
I know that feeling, I always see Jinx or Lucian in my games now....I WANT MORE VARIETY! CURSE YOU! 
Hopefully Riot will do her rework soon, but they also have to work on many different champions too like the Karthus VU, Zilean, Sion, WW, and the others. :| (Blank Stare) 
What cosplay are u planning to do in the future btw? I have to prepare my heart for more breath-taking works from u. Love 
KNami's avatar
Yeah, you're right!

Btw, my next cosplay are Blood Moon Akali, Janna, Katarina and Amethyst Ashe :D
You can follow my page on FB if u want, I'm not really active here on DA!
NinDKSketch's avatar
I can't wait to see those cosplays! Those are some of my favorite champions and skins. w00t! 
Also, liked and followed on FB now! Worship 
Stay vigilant summoner and keep up the great work ya hear! CURSE YOU! 
KNami's avatar
Awww, you're really kind! I really aprecciate it :D
Thank you a lot, dear! :heart:
Deluwyrn's avatar
Wow you look sooooo gorgeous! Just like a dream come true. Amazing cosplay!
KNami's avatar
bdaskbsbvdjahdbjsa Thank you *___________*
Deluwyrn's avatar
You're welcome! :tighthug:
KNami's avatar
Thank you *_____________________*
Too kind!

EpikPork's avatar
Even though you look a bit shy for MF, you still look beautiful.
KNami's avatar
There a lot of picture I haven't posted where I tried also her ulti and similar, but they're not good pictures ):
I've planned a photoshooting for the future to remedy :D
Those are the pics I did at the end of the conv. and I was really tired because it was also my BirthDay x°D

Thank you for your comment by the way :D
There are other picture on my page on facebook if u want (:
UrDeadlyDesire's avatar
I love your cosplay of Sarah. Other people over due it and have enormous hats and ahh D:
KNami's avatar
HAHAHAHA Thank you!
I pay too much attention for details (you see, for example my guns are blue, differently from the most of the other girls), so I'm glad you said that :D
UrDeadlyDesire's avatar
No problem! Keep doing excellently detailed cosplays! :la:
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