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Googles are remobable! two pairs inside.
(i lost three while testing)

At last!!!! YAAAY!! my favorite side pony!
later..i will post finished photos, and, in a couple of days (?) the dj table turn thing.first i need to do research,lol.

i decided to write a little condensed info.hope it is useful...

for now i provide the only instructables i could make:



recommended paper: 140 grs ("not too thick/not too thin")
also: superglue/la gotita (be careful/tengan cuidado!)

God the hair was quite a challenge XD different from all that i did before.took three free times (in three days).

hope you have fun!

gente de habla hispana: ¡no duden en preguntar si hay dudas en español me explico mejor que en inglés!

people who speaks other languages: please ask if you have questions i will do my best to answer in my broken english!

the rest of the ponies:[link]

if everything goes well next week :GREAT AND POWERFULL TRIXIE! see u then.

Disclaimer: i do not own ponys hasbro does, ans Lauren Faust i only designed the patterns
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Im faving all of this papercraft XD