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tom finished photo

By Kna
well, finished product of

tom and Mlp firendship is magic(C) hasbro not me
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10/10 for the time it must have taken to make this.
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haha,thank you!
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Tom... Never forget...
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i hope for a apparition in next season of pony XD
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Indeed that would be Greatness.
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What is this from what episode really confused its just a rock
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from the fisrt couple of episodes of season 2, the discrod ones. rarity was crazy for a bit and though that this huge rock was a giant fgarantuan diamond and carred it around and gave it the name of Tom.a recurring joke in the fandom.
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Oh my Celestia, this is brilliant!
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Somone need to take a photo of him with papercraft Rarity XD
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para ash debe pesar una tonelada no crees?
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Tom is best pony.
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I'm gonna make one out of 16-gague sheet metal and fill it with ball bearings. My very own Tom paperweight.
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"Look out! Here comes Tom!"
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