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gymnast Derpy



because everypony loves her!

i was thinking what apparatus from Rhythmic gymnastics would be the choice of every character from the show,
and i think:

Twilight Sparkle: clubs (she is the only with power to use them)
Applejack: Rope (well off course)
Rarity: ribbon (another obvious)
Fluttershy: Ball (cause she´s so elegant and shy)
Rainbow dash: well she is cool enough to use clubs but if not i would say hoop
PinkiePie: Free, or if i had to said one element it will be Hoop.(free because she is expressive enough)

i did doodles of all this and more but i am afraid of doing too much pony fan art so for now i will post only derpy.
won´t it be cool if they made a group with hoops and ribbons? XD
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I <3 mlp and rhythmic gymnastics! you my friend have just made my day! thank you :3