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Twilight Sparkle Papercraft

How nice!! finally! Twilight, yay!
so so happy right now i finished the mane six (plus Derpy Hooves)

gçfinished photo:[link]

recommended paper: 140 Grs.

instructive (sort of) :[link]

The others: [link]

Okay, i have two more things:

one, please, if you fell like it, in the comment section here, please if you would be so kind, give a suggestion of the next papercraft to do.

(okay, i will eventually make one of spike, it is even all planned out, but i am asking sugestions for pony models, that do not requiere THAT much work, like: lira , bonbon, Octavia, Spitfire, vinyl scratch, cherilee ,maybe Dr whooves, that guy from the wonderlbolts etcetc... ( i do not ming making the male pony face it seem easier than female face)

Sorry, i will not make Big Mac , celestia or luna until new season arrives XD (it is a lot of work making a new pattern pony from scratch) so i will make these later.

The second thing is: since i ended series one (and my primary objetive) I will take a break of at least two weeks. anyway, less than a month. I need to make some stuff freelance so i do not wanna do ponys lazily being this the reason i am taking this break. XD sorry, i dunno how to write in english that if i wanna make cool ponys i need time, so with the amount of stuff i have to do daily i am kinda going crazy so i will continue making ponys after i finish this little job stuff i have in the middle right now.
buuut, if i can i will make vinyl scrath Pon3 if i find the time XD

ok thank you for reading. also thanks to all the people who watchs me. i keep promises so i will continue making at least six more ponys in the future (and then more? wee will see)

Disclaimer: i do not own ponys hasbro does, ans Lauren Faust i only designed the patterns
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i wish there were directions.....