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Twilicorn Papercraft pattern

By Kna
just a small modification of the original Twilight pattern.have a nice day

twilight and MLPFIM (C) HASBRO, this is fan art.
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© 2013 - 2021 Kna
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Ya hermoso, gracias

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genial, gracias

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hi i love ur paperCraftHeart. can u do a papercraft of my sombra oc and my friend oc plz. if u can't it's ok
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Sorry, i do not take request of ocs because those will never end, but you are welcome to use mine as a guide to design your own
ja consegui imprimir mas não tem um tutorial para me ajudar a montar por favor?
Kna's avatar… here are several,yet  no ne is for that particular model,but please look at dahsies and lira´s
E onde consigo as instruções para montar?
Por favor como faço o download não to conseguindo
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whats that extra piece of hair on the top right below the text??? may i ask
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whooo XD its been so long  i cannot recall! but i believe that must be,part of the main mane. part of it go to one side of the neck and the other behind the eart,falling to the other side
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can u make paper craft with black and white print?   Sweating a little... 
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just try to specify in the printers preview menu that you will use only black should work.
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thanks I will try :)
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magnificent...when you end this papercraft the scene is so beautiful and prodigious..thank you friend... :)
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you are most welcome.Thank you for being this kind to me
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Blush emoticon uum i was wondering, if you still do request, if yes then can you do my OC? um.....if thats ok with youscared.... "the 2nd" 
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sorry but  inever did requests of ocs.if i only acccept just once thay will never end
Shadayloronic's avatar
its ok i understand
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This is better. :)
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instructions were unclear, i got my penis stuck in the printer
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sorry to hear that.
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Can you make one of Lulu Luck?
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