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SUNITE Virtual Museum portrait

there will be a virtual exhibition showcasing the argentinian games made during the Last Woman Game Jam 2020 event, so all teams were requested to design a pixelart portrait (very tiny) here it should be at 800% its size and in the preview the requested size of 12 X 25 PX vertical portrait.
<3 so cute! i cannot wait to see the others game portraits at the event! (date and hour yet to be defined,so i yet do not know that)

it got in the EXPO! :D someone streamed the event and it was jsut when me and my friend Nerity were visiting too!!…
ím the one with orange hoodie and green hair,yellow pants. my friend has a lovely red summer dress and hat. :P it was very fun! too bat they did not show our game!! (also, they promised to animate the portrait but it was static :/ )
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