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SU Lion!

Lion is my Steven Universe´s absolute favorite character! what is yours?
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Peridot is my favorite :3 But Lion will always be my favorite animal
Lion! heehee. cute drawing, :D
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so,who is your fav?
strangely enough, onion is my favorite, :)
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did you see this weeks episode!?! the ending with the mice jumping was my favorite part! XD
hahaha  i lost my shit when he opened his mouth! ^__^
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Cute x3 And I like Opal :D She's my birthstone
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awww your drawing of lion is so cute I love it! :D  

I like Opal she's so pretty
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Lapis Lazuli =P
Garnet is OTP
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:D:D those are my two(three?) next favorites! lapislazuli kicks so much ass.
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I like Lapis because she pretends to be so simple - I'm a blue lady and I want to leave. But we all know there's more to her now =P
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yes, since i was a kid i had a kid-hand-sized lapislazuli stone :D so i was sold already on her because she reminds me so much of my rock! but after seeing the hints on how sensible and strong she is!! i like her a lot more
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So cute! I can't decide between Garnet and Peridot
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hum Peridot is quite interesting! i hope to see more of them in the future
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hopefully in the next steven bomb!
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Sour Cream.. Y Garnet ewe
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Garnet es lo más! Sour cream es hermano de onion? XD no te da miedo que comparts su lado oscuro??
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Sour Cream y su obsecion con el rave xD
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Nice job!
I'm not sure on mine. =)Serious derpy Toy Bonnie 
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