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Rarity papercraft



Yeah! at last, Rarity! Have fun!

finished Photo: [link]

Tips: i recommend using Superglue, specially for attaching finished hair pieces to head. whatch out your fingertips!


1 cut all

2 prepare each piece (use this for help a little:[link] )

3 glue the double hair pieces and comb them before they are completely dried. this way they will not crack or get funny shapes.

4 finish rest of the body but do not glue legs yet.

5 now glue the hair pieces to the head you can also glue bits of the hair to the cheeks to help attain form. (you will see that in the finished photo)

6 when done, insert tail and then paste the legs...this way is easier to maintain a pose and equilibrium. (XD)


the others: [link]

i do not own anything MLPFIM that is (C) hasbro / Lauren Faust i only designed the patterns.
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Oh I am going to try this when I get home, thanks..