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Rarity gymnast


a collection of the mane six ponies(plus derpy) doing rythmic gymnastics (r&g) each one with one element. ;)

Rarity is all about Ribbons and fabulosity, so she will make the most from the ribbon surely. i kinda did not like her extreme makeup in that episode, so i left her face clean this time.

i had this drafts since like two whole years! i will do my best complete all six from now on.

off course i do not own ponies, ponies (C) hasbro this is fan art etcetc
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I love this collection, especially this one :)
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Wow! Gorgeous!!

xD The ribbon really suits her personality~
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I love your collection.
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You're welcome.
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I love the Gymnast series of yours! great to see them complete!
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thanks! i am a person who normally can´t do pieces alike,this was a important challenge to me :L
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another one for my rarity collection loving it!!!
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:iconcronosparksplz::iconsaysplz: mooooost....elegant.... *in a trance*
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Wow. She looks elegant..
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wow la textura esta bonita * 3*
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Yes, Rarity strikes me as the one who would do this one. Magnetic hooves are in full force, but what matters here is the pose, and her pose is indeed graceful and elegant. And that smile, and that eye... Might be my personal head gutter syndrome, but it makes me think thoughts. Thankfully, I also happen to be faithful to Twilight.
Well done! Looking forward to the others!
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woo! twili is next
(in her classic bodytype)
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Yay! :icontwilighthappyplz:

And that's exactly what I was thinking it'd be, Twi as a unicorn. I imagine it'd take some time for her to get used to her wings enough. Although that'd probably mean yet more incentive for her to do some gymnastics or something. But regardless, Twi is Twi, no matter which subspecies she is.
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