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Raindrops Pony Papercraft

By Kna
i was requested this today, since it was really simple (modifying Daring Do Pattern, that its way better than the one i did for Dash) finished photo:

but later XD i found out this, by :iconjv9ufxcy:
wich it has a better hair piece! its really well done.

so i did the pattern with a raised leg and closed eyes (new eyes?)

i hope you enjoy this, i really love this character colors.

Raindrops (C) hasbro as with Mlp Friendship is magic, pattern by Me.
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Класс. Где ты это всё берёшь?
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sorry,i only know spanish and english! can you please translate that to english,please? i tried google but it says something broken:
"Class . Where did you all you take ?"

if you were asking were i learnt to make this models, well, i used to assemble papercraft models as a hobby and from there i thought really hard on what i wanted to make and just tried and corrected mistakes until i got this :) i can´t say i actually know how to make them i am very n00b at this.
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Really? After I quit making paper craft dolls for a hobby, you finally make this?
How sadistic are you?
Just kidding.
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hey! i kinda quit too.
XD this request was just so easy that would have been criminal not to do it
Awesome! I miss these :3
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but derpy and raindrops don't have that tail...
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[link] i afraid she does
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Umm, that tail looks different than the one you used.
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Looks like yet another fun one to build! Thanks for posting!
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