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Octavia Papercraft



today i upload this...but i am afraid no photos until tomorrow :(

Do not hesitate to make more cuts on the fringe,like the one in the shrink certain distances until it looks good...i will post photos of the head when i can.use super glue to attach it where you want.some details of that:[link]

when i have time i will modify this and describe how to make the stand up pose for octavia...i wanted to maintain the usual pattern so even if someone wanted to do normal equine pose will be able to.
i wanted to give the option to print or not the chello therefore it is in another page, [link]

the chello is quite complex (compared to the ponys) so if i can i will take photos to do a mini tutorial of sorts...

The rest of the pony papercrafts : [link]

instructive (basic only for body): [link]

as usual, i do not own my little pony friendship is magic,characters names etc, they are Hasbro´s/ Lauren Faust´s, not mine i only designed the patterns of each papercraft.
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I just don't get how this Leg at the bottom right works .. But this Model is really Cool! :D 
- Sry for Bad English, i'll give you a Cookie. xD