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Lyra Revectorized

By Kna
i wanted to see Lyra sitting normal for once. also there were already all of her poses revectorized and i needed something different so i frankensteined pony parts to make this pose.

really hard if not impossible to make this colors in my vector program so i recolored it later.

for my next papercraft model.

I do not own the character or anything related to Friendship is Magic MLP. all are (C) hasbro/Lauren Faust
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Can I use as Twitter icon?
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how cute is Lyra?
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in my scale its among the first 4 ponies i consider the most cute!
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Great job on vectoring Lyra ~Kna, I really love on how you've vectored her:)

If it's okay with you, can I use it?
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sure,you can draw it,please read the note i sent to you in response to yours
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I used it as a base for this pic: [link]

And of course, i gave you credit ^^
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:D quedo bonita
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Thanks for the awesome vectorwork. It served a purpose in my most recent wallpaper creation if you care to look here: [link]
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look awesome! a must fav :D the darker tones will go beatifully with my room
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Thanks, it always feels great to get compliments from the vector artists when I do this sort of thing.
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looks really cool! my fav couple is octavia/vinyl scratch but this is my second official one.
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Thank you :D

I actually don't think of Octavia and Vinyl as a couple.
I believe they are just roommates :)
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that´s is also fine for me :) sems more plausible, too
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Used [link]
Don't incinerate me!
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no prob! even ponycountdown used it without permission...i know because i combined 3 different ponies poses to create this vector ;)
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