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My part of an art trade with Nerity. i requested chat noir with chat blanc :D cant wait to see it someday.

i am still pretty bad at painting i notice :( if only i had more patience and took more time. but  i am quite tired lately.
i hope next time i do it better.

this is fant art i do not own the characters.
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if it were not something fethish like what is shown in the clip you sent, i May draw your character for a commission fee. but alas, i do not partake in the creation of fethish art.

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The lights are cool, the moon reminds me Zelda's Majora's Mask.

Good work.

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aww thank you!! but the majoras mask moon is it not the creepy one with theeth?? XD mine has no face nor huge creters though

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That moon has a face.