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GreatnPowerfulTrixie Pcraft 2



PART TWo of Two.

PART ONE: [link]
(there is the whole trixie)

She is so great that need a whole 2 a4 sheets, Lmao.

in here you get is the hat, cape and base :D

you can decide what to do and what not. (for example: cape on but no hat, only hat, only Trixie)

This Took Much longer than expected, but i had great fun designing it.It is my Most complex yet papercraft model!

as usual i recommend paper: 140 Grs.(not too think yet not too slim)

Note:the hair goes glued to the head not straight,in a subtle angle...(well, without photo is hard to explain,please wait for tomorrow i will also post details and side/back views ...

one advice:Leave the legs to the end!! haha.

the cape was sooo difficult to design, sorry if it troubles you.Out of the many versions i did, this was the most simple one.

I had to modify a little the collar of the cape, to make it easier.

Finished Photo: [link]

The rest of the pony papercrafts : [link]

instructive (basic only for body): [link]

be well, and Have Fun!!

as usual, i do not own my little pony friendship is magic,characters names etc, they are Hasbro´s/ Lauren Faust`s, not mine i only designed the patterns of each papercraft.
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