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Granny Smith revectorized

By Kna
for my next papercraft project.
i really hope i can find a way to make her look as wobbly as she does here. perhaps twisting her legs? XD

i do not own the character, this is retracing, or revectorizing,
character is (C) Hasbro / Lauren Faust.
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Good work on re-vectorizing Granny. Her legs may be a little wobbly and she's a bit rusty in her giddy-up, but she's still very active for an elder mare. :)
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thank you! :) she sure is active XD sometimes i think she has more energy than apple bloom!
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Just letting you know I made use of the vector in a fan-fiction cover art. Can be found [here.]
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okay,thanks for telling me :)
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Used and credited here:…
Just a little drawing for practice.
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May I use this vector in a video I have planned, if I give credit?
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May i use please???
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okay, have fun
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Thank you so much,I will credit^^
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Nice. :)

Can I use this for a comic? :)
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I'll send you a link to the comic once I've posted it too. ;)
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Thanks! :D
And since the rest of her family (Applejack, Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom) is it and it's a few years in the future, Apple Bloom will be full grown. ;)

I can show you a pic of how I picture Apple Bloom as a mare if you'd like. :)
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OK. :)

[link] <-- Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are in it too. ;)
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I hope you don't mind me making a base of this [link]
If you're not okay with this, I'll gladly remove it :)
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