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Flim FLam Brothers revector

By Kna
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for my next papercraft project. :D

w00t,finally i won my little war with the virus (or so it seems for now) and could run the program to make vectors.

i do not own the character, this is retracing, or revectorizing,
characters are (C) Hasbro / Lauren Faust.
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Used Here for a new remix that I am doing:…
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Used them here! Thank for making this vector! :)
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you are most welcome :)
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Using for a little refreance for a deviant friend of mine.
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Just letting you know that I used this for a background kind of thing for my MLP Color guide

Thanks for making this awesome vector :)
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thanks for the shout.
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I thought I let you I use your picture to Ponify my friend.

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they lok awesome!
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Used, thank you so much!
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flim is always will my favorite!
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Used in a parody of Victor Fleming's Gone With the Wind: Gone With the Wyvern
Excellent job! ^___^
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Hey, mind if I use this in a forum signature?
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ok use it,have fun :P
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Would you mind if I used this vector? Credit and a link back to you would be given in the description :)
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go ahead! have fun
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