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Dr. Whooves Papercraft



XD i run out of ink...again.
(well that´s what i get for printing that cool Coloring book for all ages..i printed it 4 sheets in one,tough)

it is, and looks really took ages to make a head that looks right.
i do not know much about dr. who, so i did not make tardis or accesories...sorry for that. i was thinking of making colgate, but i dunno, maybe later.

i am not happy with the ears,but they do look nicely at side view.

As usual i recommend 140Grs paper and super glue.
(not too thick yet not too thin)

Next week(well more like after the next seven days) Octavia!

The other Ponys: [link]

instructive (sort of):[link]
(the head of the colts is really easy, just fold and glue the bits of the ears first then the whole head...when done cut with a exact knife (Trincheta) the line.

Finished Photo: i will edit when i take one and put the link here.

*Edits* i changed the vector photo up at the right for one i retraced by myself.sorry for the trouble, everyone.

i do not own dr. whooves/whoof or anything related to friendship is magic ,MLP all (c) hasbro / lauren Faust, not me. I did design the papercraft from scratch.
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now i have a 3d TARDIS clay book with clay twilight, and now doctor whooves cut out!