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Applejack Papercraft

Well, at last! my second favorite main character!. it took much longer than expected to make.
Also: my apologies for a flattened Winona. Wanted to make something simple but not so flat.
I used for reference This image [link] revectorized by :iconatomicgreymon:
i did not asked for permission for a lack of time but i will send a note right now, so if she/he says something i will edit this removing winona from the pattern. i do not want to steal the hard work of others...i just could not fin a proper capture of winona.
i even revectorized all the cutiemarks from captures knowing that they where online.

hope you have fun!
recomended paper: 140 grs.

This can be done with normal glue!

friendship is magig My little pony and applejack (c) Hasbro / Lauren Faust, not me i only did the patterns.

the other Ponys:[link]

intruction (sort of): [link]

Finished Photo:[link]
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You have no idea how much you saved me.  That Applejack hat is exactly the explanation to making a plushie hat. GUH. you are genius

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glad i could be of help :)
Can you put instructions of this??!! Please!!
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Just passing through; thank you so much for making these c: Hope to get around to making a few, hopeful Twilight will help me study through the new school year :D.

Awesome work, and thank you again c:.
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you are most welcome, and i hope you studies go well! sometimes it is just hard but we must be strong!
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nice Applejack is my favourite My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic!
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Once I sleep ;A;
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hey, cool avatar!
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your stuff is getting stolen
now go report all of your papercrafts on his page
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thnks for telling me, gladly :iconpuffinrailsociety: dealt with it before i could read you message :)
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wow thx 4 the papaercraft
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This is my favorite pony in this series!

Esquser my spellings in English, I train;)
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yo hablo españ problem
(why the links people put in messages never work?)
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Will have to print that out and make myself one of these xD
Great job!
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First of all I would like to say great job on these ponies!! They are beyond amazing in every way!!!! :D

Also I tested it out myself and the hat works GREAT for the applejack toy from hasbro, just a little bending to give it that cowboy look and its looks amazing!!! :D
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cool! thanks for telling me about the hat! :D
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I recently got an Applejack figure as a gift from a friend. She doesn't have a hat. Do you think the hat included in this papercraft would be a good size for her? (first print, without resizing)
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