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Acoustic Brony Finished Photo

By Kna
pattern: [link]

there it is! another Brony musician.

ponies as usual (C) Lauren Faust / Hasbro, not me, Pattern pieces Original design by Kna (me)
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Wow this came out totally amazing and you made all this? Wow:wow:
You should do Aviators as a papercraft
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...mmmm do you have a picture of his oc? i promise nothing (i am very busy)
alright thats fine, here is a vector i found of his oc [link]
Kna's avatar
awesome! i finish commissions and will make him.
MrApo's avatar
can you do some paper craft on my pony??? [link]
Are you using special paper? BTW, I realy love your paper ponys *0*
Kna's avatar
yes,a paper a little more heavy and thick
Where did you get that paper? ^^
Kna's avatar
in art shops? technically i went to a Stationary and if you are lucky they will sell different packs of thicker paper by grams.
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intenta su nueva pose en 2 patas modificada por mí

ashcreator's avatar
awww que bonita pose!!!! ya que esta "cantando" lo pondre al lado de octavia!! realmente me gusta tu talento
shonnythehedgehog's avatar
can u make me on plz
MasuoToZuo's avatar
Do you make a Manticore?
DaikiTheWolfTIC's avatar
no la pudiste parar? :giggle:
Kna's avatar
sí,pero quería OTRA posición,no la de siempre
DaikiTheWolfTIC's avatar
oooh ok tiene mas sentido :meow:
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