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Mărțișor  is a Romanian celebration at the beginning of spring, on March the 1st in Romania , Moldova and all territories inhabited by Romaninas .

Mărțișormarț and mărțiguș are all names for the red and white string from which a small decoration is tied, and which is offered by people on the 1st day of March. The string can also be black and white, or blue and white . Giving this talisman to people is an old custom, and it is believed that the one who wears the red and white string will be strong and healthy for the year to come. It is also a symbol of the coming spring. Usually, both women and men wear it pinned to their clothes, close to the heart, until the last day of March, when they tie it to the branches of a fruit-tree. In some regions, a gold or silver coin hangs on the string, which is worn around the neck. After wearing it for a certain period of time, they buy red wine and sweet cheese with the coin, according to a belief that their faces would remain beautiful and white as cheese, and rubicund as the red wine, for the entire year.

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1 MARCH - MARTISOR by KmyGraphic Lovely to see Spring, began to think winter would never end.
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Thank you for sharing this lovely tradition with friends, Camelia! :glomp: May your own youth and prosperity linger for at least another year! :ahoy: :hug:
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A beautiful custom and a beautiful artwork.:D
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Ce frumos este!:love:
Draga Camelia, sper ca ai primit multe martisoare si iti urez o primavara foarte frumoasa.:tighthug:
Multumesc frumos pentru acest superb martisor.:tighthug:
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Wow, it seems to be a beautiful custom! :D And your artwork is also gorgeous! :tighthug:
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It's beautiful, Camelia.
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1 MARCH - MARTISOR by KmyGraphic  Thank you also, dear Camelia!!
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:iconrbyw: my pleasure. :iconhug1plz:
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You're very welcome!!!Hug 
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Very Beautiful.:D
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You're Very Welcome :hug:
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You're welcome :) 
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