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Love is a twisted Cabaret...

By KmyeChan
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O.o;; Actually I wasn't going to submit this... it started up as a doodle in a corner of a sheet of Bristol because I was angry, a bit sad and rather annoyed, and I wanted to take my mind off things... And I liked the doodle actually, so I gave a shot at inking it, just to see how it would look like once cleaned up... And I liked the ink lines, so I started coloring it xD;; ... and here we are.

I like it muchly, despite the anatomy mistakes that come from the fact that I wasn't planning to make something out of this, so I didn't bother to correct them at first, and after that it was too late.
I finally got to use the new markers my friends got me! :love:
I love working with those bright, flashy colors...

The subject isn't all that original, you can tell the influence of quite a number of other artists here (*loish, =MincedNiku, =karincoma to say a few...).

Anyway, enjoy! :D

(I'm leaving the Critique button on, in case someone has something to point out on the coloring or such, but please, there's no need to point out that the anatomy is a bit off, I already know it is! ;) )

[Done with Staedtler pigment liners, Pantone Tria markers, color pencils]
[DO NOT USE, COPY, REDISTRIBUTE OR REPRODUCE without my direct permission. See my Journal for more info on my Terms of Use. Thank you.]
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Bonjour Kmye,
Je suis chanteur, danseur amateur et je ne vais pas tarder à monter un petit spectacle cabaret régional. J'adore tes dessins et ce style... Est ce que je peux utiliser ce dessin ou un autre pour mon affiche (pas avant 2 ans) ou peux tu me proposer quelque chose ?
Si tu le souhaites, tu peux me contacter directement via la page Facebook de ma compagnie :
Merci d'avance...
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Bonjour Christophe,
Peux-tu m'emvoyer un mail à ? Je peux t'envoyer les tarifs pour un contrat de licence pour l'utilisation de cette image à fins promotionnelles. En revanche je ne prends pas de commandes de particuliers.
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Bonjour Kmye et merci pour ton retour,
Voici l'adresse mail :
Je suis le Président de l'association (loi 1901) Arc en Scène Riviera (donc pas du particulier).
Si tu as cependant d'autres modèles à me proposer, en sachant que le titre serait "Love Cabaret" et comme son nom l'indique... ça se passe dans un cabaret ;)
Dans l'attente de te lire...
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i love ALL OF THIS
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i love it so beautiful
i love your style
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i love her face and hair
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I like this one soooo much!!!
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love your work!!!!
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One of the things I love about your work is the various items hanging from strings its a very appealing element.
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"Life is a cabaret, old chum, come to the Cabaret"

Beautiful... I love all your work, but this one speaks to me.
Maybe just because im a massive musical theatre geek and Cabaret is one of my very favourites.
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i am loving the style ...
the soft colors and Victorian feel, very nice <3
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I want her as a tattoo as well - have had it saved on my computer for SO long and has stayed my favourite drawing ever since! You are amazing!
KmyeChan's avatar
Thank you! :D
I'd love to see a picture if you ever get to have this tattoo!
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I love everything about this design!
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i love your style!
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I always come back to watch this. Love it:heart:
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would you mind if I get a tatoo of this? I like it sooo much!!!
KmyeChan's avatar
Not at all, I'd be honored! :D
Could you send me a picture if you do?
deadGirlfantasy's avatar
of course!!!! even if it's in a couple of years! haha
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i love da hair and expression! :+fav:
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This is absolutely beautiful.
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