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Luke and Mara Sketchamajig

By KMRicker
Just a quick sketch on my new tablet! I'm a huge Star Wars nerd, and what better way to christen my new Cintiq, right?

I'm a Han/Leia fan, so I guess I'll be sketching them next.

Hoorays! I love this tablet! :)

Created with: Sketchbook Pro, Cintiq
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Nice! I like how you based Mara on Shannon McRandle! :) (Personally, my own fan cast for Mara while reading Heir to the Empire was Eva Green). But still this is great! :)

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"Farm boy, don't you ever get tired of the constant sunny optimism?"
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Love it!!:love:
Nice job on Jara's blush.;)
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Ok! I am SUCH a NITPICK BUT......

Its Mara Jade XD Also Mara is me right now.. I have BELLY CRAMP AFTER EATING TOO MAY SWEETS :( Help....
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Luke: *good jedi thoughts*
Mara: I'mma slap him BECAUSE I CAN.
Mara:He makes me so MAD when I'm not looking for ways to ravish him silly.
Luke: Yep, attachment's a good thing.
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Don't ask me why - it's something about their expressions. However, I think that Luke has just said something that is either sarcastic, charming or just plain silly and Mara's wondering whether to actually respond because she thinks he's only done it to get a rise out of her.
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hehe, oh those sexy farm boys. Can't resist them for long can we Mara? :giggle:
I like it. Luke seems so happy while Mara seems harsh in a Tsundere way.
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I love this picture. It's interesting to see how their differing temperaments complement each other. :)
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